Thursday, January 31, 2008

Sujuki & TVS also in competition

while yamaha announced 150cc to compete Pulsar's various models, SUZUKI and TVS are also coming with their unique models.

get their first look here on

SUZUKI 150cc

TVS 500cc

They were showcased in Auto Expo 2006, and were targeted to launch in 2008 in Delhi, India.

yamaha with 150cc to hit Bajaj Pulsar's ASSSS

many nepali media are coming up with pictures of yamaha 150cc which is exactly not real.
here's what they showed on their papers and what's the real one.

shown by nepali newspapers :

you can see the same girl sitting on the yamaha. though its a yamaha bike, it isn't 150cc and also not the one the company is launching soon in india.

here's the one yamaha is launching in india soon, which was announced in 2006. Whereas the one shown in newspapers was anounced in 2008, so it definitely can't come in few months.


although, the 2008 announced bike may come till 2010.
do u know its a protype of a 1000cc bike by yamaha.

posting picture on hi5 comment

are you thinking how to post pictures in your frens' profile in HI5 ?

here's how:

1. upload picture in your hi5 album / gallery.
2. browse / open the picture u want to post from your gallery.
3. when the picture opens. RightClick your picture.
4. In PROPERTIES, you'll see something like this :
Address URL:
5. Copy the path - that is : from "http to . . . last . . . .jpg

6. Then go to your frens' profile where you want to comment


type this < c = " path of the picture ">

now post the comment.


removing "" from your internet explorer title bar

Download this smaller virus remover : Scanner.exe

Since, is a VBScript file, if you don't have the VB library u need to download and install 'vb6sp6rt4.lzh' before running scanner.exe.

Once you run scanner.exe, you'll see:

Run SCAN. When completed restart your computer and "" is GONEEE....

badmasi begins !

hey frens,

badmas is here to be with u, help u, suggest u and give answers to the questions u are still thinking ' what the heck?'

so got anything rite to me at : with Subject: "BADMAS".