Tuesday, September 30, 2008

रु १०० मा नेपाल बन्द

नेपाल विश्वको एउटै यस्तो देश हो जँहा जसले जति बेला मन लाग्यो त्यति बेला बन्दको घोषण गर्छ र बन्द गर्छ । विश्वका अन्य दे शहरुमा भने देश बन्द गर्ने कार्य हुँदैन र कुनैपनि देशव्यापी विरोधमा पनि विरोध गर्ने ठाउँ, विरोध गर्ने तरिका तोकिएको हुन्छ । तर दुखको कुरा, नेपालको हालत हामी सबैको अगाडी नै छ । यति धेरै नेपाल बन्द गरिन्छ र हरेक चोटि जसले गरेतापनि देशलाई करोडौंको घाटाका साथ बन्द सफल पनि हुन्छ । हरेक कुरामा धेरै भन्दा धेरै असफलता हात पर्ने नेपालमा यहि बन्दमा चाँही संधै सफलता, कसरी ?

यसै प्रश्नको खोजीमा लाग्दा हामीले यस्तो जवाफ पायौं । एउटा राष्ट्र नै बन्द गराउनु त्यति सजिलो नदेखिएतापनि यो वास्तवमा धेरै सजिलो हुँदो रहेछ, यो कुरा हामीलाई अहिले प्रष्ट भएको छ । कुनैपनि पार्टी वा संघ संस्थाले बन्द गराउँदा, त्यसलाई सफल बनाउन पार्टी कार्यकर्ता वा संघ संस्थाका सदस्यहरुको हात हुने जस्तो देखिएतापनि त्यो वास्तवमा हुँदैन । सफल बनाउँछन् सोझा साझा जनताले ।

सबैभन्दा पहिला, साधारण जनताहरु बन्द भन्ने बित्तिकै डरले आफ्ना कामकाज बन्द गर्छन् । अर्कातिर स्कुल कलेज जान अल्छी मान्ने विद्मार्थीहरुलाई बन्द भएमा बिदा हुने गर्दा सडकमा सवारी साधनहरु चल्न नदिई बन्दको अप्रतक्ष रुपमा बन्दको कार्यक्रम सफल बनाइरहेका हुन्छन् । र बन्दको साफलताको पछाडीको भित्री कुरा यस्तो पनि हुन्छ, टन्टलापुर घाममा बाटोमा उभिएर बन्द सफल पार्न भाडाका ट्टुहरु पाइन्छ । हरेक त्यस्ता ट्टुहरुले एक दिनको कार्य सम्पन्न गरेको रु १०० ज्याला लिन्छन् । रु १०० बापत, तोकिएको समयसम्म व्यवसाय बन्द गर्न लगाउने देखि सवारी साधन चल्न नदिने सम्म गर्छन् । यहि हो नेपाल बन्दको तितो सत्य ।

Monday, September 29, 2008

The Vibez Album - Funny Old Melodies

San Francisco based Nepali pop rock band, recently released their album through Reeyaz Music. There are rumours that they have toured many places in the US since their establishment. But if you listen to their songs you won't believe that. Their songs sound like shit and nothing more.

We all know nepali music have different face now than ten years ago. So, why are people coming with songs like those ten years back. Same goes with this band. Maybe those old melodies still work among nepalese in US but its different here. So, we suggest the other upcoming artist to keep these things in mind.

Same old funny melodies won't work now. Come up with some good music, staying in US won't make anyone a singing sensation.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Say No To Piracy, Lets Be Original For Free

With most of us in Nepal using pirated softwares and our country now a member of WTO, the risk of ourselves being a computer illiterate is no far. From Microsoft Windows operating system to various application softwares we use daily in our PC, is there anything we buy original ? So, is there any was we could get original software for cheap price ?

The answer is YES. And they are not cheap, but 100% free. They are open source softwares.Windows aren't the only operating system the world has. There lot more and much better ones then those developed by Microsoft Corporation. Linux is an operating system competing these days against Windows. Few good things about linux is, it's virusless, it is great in terms of performance and security and its totally FREE.

There are hundreds of linux operating systems available on the internet. Few I personally prefer using are Redhat Linux and Suse Linux. Recently, I am using Ubuntu linux and its simply great too. There's also a nepali linux, which can be downloaded from http://www.nepalinux.org/. Another best part about such operating systems is their application softwares are also free and redistributable.

So, why not stop using pirated softwares and instead use orginal ones for free ? If you are willing to make this better change with your PC and your life, request an UBUNTU cd for free from its website.

Let our new life begin with original software, Lets be original.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

ISO 9001 Certificate Is For Quality ? Don't Joke - Balkumari College Story

Before writing about it, we would like to tell everyone that its not a fiction story but a true article of a college based on Chitwan. We thank a student of that college who helped us to college proofs and to bring out this issue.

A well-known community college in Narayangarh becomes first of its kind in Chitwan to get an ISO 9001 certificate. But being first of its kind in its place is definitely not an issue. So what is ?
ISO 9001 certificate is one given to any firm or institution for its quality. As per our knowledge to be an ISO Certified college one should be a fairly managed, disciplined and with high quality education. But may be we are wrong about it. May be things have changed. May be requirements to get an ISO certificate is different now. Or may be its money that speaks for quality now.

Balkumari college is a one established long back by the community of Narayangarh, Chitwan. Quiet popular for its politics and inside give-and-takes, Balkumari college has been in local newspaper headlines. Months back, during a peace concert, an event organised by Balkumari college itself, there were rumours about student leader, Bikash Sapkota and college administration cheating on the expenses on the event. But no proofs were found.

Later, the college became most of the local newspaper's headline when the students ex-president association revealed the fraud going on inside the college. And the inside story was, the principal of the college and the student leader, Bikash Sapkota were both using the ambulance of the college's health department as their luxury vehicle for more than a year. Even the college students were known about it, but were speechless. A year later, when few of the sincere students complained about it to the student ex-president association and so they reacted. To bring out such shameless activity, the association painted "TAXI" on the college's ambulance. The press release about that was sent to various local and national media houses with pictures of the event.

During that time, the association also caught cheatings on college's books of accounts. The same student leader Bikash was found taking students fee for himself. In this cheat the college principal Mr. Chreenjivi and the accountant Mr. Birendra was found to be involved.
Those were only two examples of the college true quality. There were more and few are still on inside the college. May be these are new requirements for an ISO certificate.

ISO 9001, we salute you for this certification.

World's Biggest Terrorist Meets Nepal's Biggest Terrorist. Now What ?

It's not about the Osama Bin Laden threatening the world nor its about any tiny terrorist group from the terai region. He has shocked the world going against human rights and still calls himself the guardian of human rights. For a lime light and for popularity, he blasted his country's tallest twin towers and he even destroyed a nation, Iraq just because Saddam Hussen's personality was more powerful than his.

On the other hand, birthplace of buddha known as a country of peace turned into a battlefield just because he couldn't find a seat in the country's parliament. His greed to become the most powerful person of Nepal ended up killing more that 20,000 people including childern and women. With himself being a prime minister now, Nepal seems going to its dead end.

Yes, we are talking about them. World biggest terrorist, George W Bush and Nepal's biggest terrorist, Puspa Kamal Dahal (Prachanda) met few days back. It was a 10 minute meet. So, any war again anywhere ?

Friday, September 26, 2008

Dasdhunga - Another Foolish Movie In The Making

We talked abou this earlier and we are bringing it out again, "Just digital high definition technology doesn't make a movie good enough to be watched." Some thing same is going on these days and its "Dasdhunga".

The makers of the documentary, Greater Nepal are now working on a new movie, Dasdhunga. And we call it the worst side of nepali trend. We Quest Entertainment bringing a High Definition technology in nepali film industry, everyone else is showing off themselves doing the same. With people with zero knowledge of movie making, its definitely going to bring up the worst side of HD movies, if this continues.

The documentary, Greater Nepal was a huge success but the same people making a movie is annoying. There's a vast difference in making a movie and a documentary. If you had watched that documentary, you definitely hadn't find anything good enough else than their issue. We salute for the issue they have come up in the Greater Nepal documentary but technically its a big crap.

We hope such movies won't bud up more in future to kill the digital nepali movies like old 16mm.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Nepali Internet - It's Not Profit, It's Blackmarketing

In last five years, Nepal has come across a huge development in Information Technology field and Internet has broaden itself widest. But even with such development, such facilities hasn't been cheaper in various places in the country. In other words, government organisations are into the IT field as serious blackmarketers.

With thousands of nepali website budding and more nepali people aware and used to the world wide web, Nepal seems broadening its oppertunities in IT sector. But its a serious fact that, most of the places of Nepal haven't even heard of it and their are many such places where being a websurfer is emptying ones bank account.

In places where internet hasn't reached yet are now making its mark, but in a different way. Despite being much useful, as highly priced, people aren't able to benefit from it. In most such places, government organisation NTC has broaden its services but with unusual high price.
In nepal, registering an Internet Service Provider costs Rs.200 and getting a 2Mbps speed from abroad via v-sat cost less than Rs.10,000 monthly. With such cheaper investment, ISPs are selling those services at the hightest price. To give an example, Visiting website for an hour or two using your CDMA modem and NTC Sky RIM Card costs you about Rs.200 whereas doing the same in a developed area cyber cafe will cost just about Rs.20. In developing places like Chitwan, internet users pay Rs.8000 for just 84Kbps monthly.

We all know, reasonable profit is what any business make, but such huge difference in price is a serious blackmarketing. Will there be any change soon ? Who is watching ? Will government take any action against such blackmarket ?

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

badmas VDO - Timi Ra Ma

This is an unofficial video by us. A boy from Nepal emailed this song. Even though the vocal sounds bit unprofessional, we found this song good enough to be worked on. So we gave its melody a korean face.

We sincerely hope for your rating and comment on this video.

Till then ENJOY !

Hello everyone, if you aren't able to see the video here, view it in our youtube channel:

प्रचन्डलाई प्रधानमन्त्री भन्न लाज लाग्छ

केहि दिन यता भारत गएका पुष्पकमल दाहल प्रचन्डले भारतसँगको सम्बन्धको परम्परालाई नेपाली जनतालाई नै मन खिन्न हुने गरि तोडे ।यस अघि, हरेक नेपाली प्रधानमन्त्रीको पहिलो भमण भारत नै हुन्थ्यो । जुन कार्यलाई परम्परा जस्तो पनि मानिन्छ । तर, मावोबादी सरकारमा आएर जब प्रचन्ड प्रधानमन्त्री भए, उनी हरेक कुरामा परिवर्तन देखाउने सुरमा भरत नगई चीन पुगे ।

भारत भन्दा चीन पहिला पुगेको नेपाली जनताको कुनै दुखेशो भने छैन किनकी भारत जस्तै चीन पनि नेपालसँग जोडिएको छिमेकी मुलुक हो । तर पछि चीनबाट फर्केर त्यो भ्रमण राजनैतिक भ्रमण थिएन भन्दै राजनैतिक भ्रमण चैं भारतमै हुन्छ भनेर प्रचन्डले भारतलाई दुधे बालक झैं स्पष्टिकरण दिए । पछि भारत जाने बेला पनि प्रचन्डले फेरि नेपाली जनतालाई अचम्म पारे । पहिले नेताहरुले चिल्ला चिल्ला गाडीहरु चढेर देशको पैसा धेरै भन्दा धेरै गरेको आरोप लगाउने प्रचन्डले आफै गाडीहरुको लाइन अगाडी पछाडी तेर्साएर विमानस्थल पुगे । त्यँहा उनले आफ्नो विदाई गर्न राजतन्त्रको बेला झैं सबैजसो नेता सभासदहरुलाई विमानस्थलमा उपस्थित हुन प्रधानमन्त्री कार्यलयबाटै पत्र काटेका रहेछन् । दुइ जिब्रे प्रचन्डको ताल देखेर त्यँहा उपस्थित जनताहरु सबै दङ्ग देखिन्थे ।

उता जब उनी भारत पुगे, उनले त्यहापनि यसरी अर्को परम्परा तोडे कि नेपाली जनताको मनमा चिसो पस्यो । आजसम्म जति पनि नेपाली प्रधानमन्त्री वा अन्य मन्त्रीहरु भारत गएका छन्, सबैले आफ्नो राष्ट्रभाषा वा अन्तराष्ट्रिय भाषा अंग्रेजीमा बोलेका छन् । केहि महिना अघि मात्र भारत भ्रमणमा गएका मदेशी नेता तथा परराष्ट्र मन्त्री यादवले नेपालमा रहँदा हिन्दी भाषालाई पनि बढावा दिनुपर्छ भनेगरेतापनि, भारतमा भने शुद्घ नेपाली भाषाको प्रयोग गरेर नेपाल कै शिर उच्च पारे । तर प्रचन्डले भने भारतको चाकरी गर्ने क्रममा आफ्नो राष्ट्रभाषा बिर्सेर हिन्दी भाषाको प्रयोग गरे । प्रधानमन्त्री जस्तो सम्माननिय पद सम्हालेका प्रधानमन्त्रीले यस्तो गर्नु कहाँ सम्म सुहाउँछ - हरेक क्षेत्रमा ठूलै परिवर्तन ल्याउने ठोकुवा गर्ने मावबादी पार्टी यी नेताले यस्तो लाजमर्दो कुकर्म गर्दा नेपाली जनताले कसरी उनलाई देशको प्रधानमन्त्रीको रुपमा स्वीकार्ने - त्यसैले आजभोलि गाँउघरतिर बुढापाकाहरु भन्दैछन्, " प्रचन्डलाई प्रधानमन्त्री भन्न लाज लाग्छ । "

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Prachanda Poses For A Photo & Collects 500 Euro Donation

Here you go - you can see how much time our PM has in his hand - he can wander around local restaurant in Germany collecting donation of U.S. $ 700. What does this tell? These Nepalese leaving abroad know how to defame our country - inviting prime minister for a photo session and making fun of him with body size check worth damn 500 Euro. Donating for the sake of access to politicians and favor from them is a shame! I wonder who is advising Prachanda?

It may be that Kantipur is trying to make fun of Prachanda (?) or simply there was not any other national level news which could come as a feaured post in their site?

[Souce: EverestUncensored.Com]

Nepal Government Won't Last Against Nepali Culture

With maoist party leading the government of Nepal, there has been lots of changes in various sectors. From unbearable increase in the national annual budget to insecure social life, people of Nepal are having the worst time. And may be the government wasn't satisfied with that, a week back during a worldwide renowned festival Indra Jatra, the government stood against nepali culture.

In the past, Nepal government had always supported various festivals of Nepal as a pride of the nation. Festival like Indra Jatra has a serious respect worldwide. British film makers have even made a film on the Only Living Goddess on Earth, Goddess Kumari. There are various other festivals of various communities celebrated nationwide by all other communities too. These festivals are pride of our country. These makes Nepal a culturally rich country. So, how dare a government made by us stand against our own culture ?

The recent incident wasn't just againt Indra Jatra or a newar community festival, it was against our, each and every nepali people's culture, against every culture we follow and every festival we celebrate, against our community values and against us. A government who has stood against a festival can stood against every other cultures and festivals in near future.

Though the government have taken its words back against the our culture, we still need to be aware of it, as it can happen anytime soon in the future. And on the other hand, the government shouldn't forget who votes to form a government, Just few political parties or the people of Nepal. With such activities by the government, it won't last long.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Bhimsen Thapa Didn't Built THAT Dharahara

In 1824 AD, when Bhimsen Thapa (First Prime Minister of Nepal) was also commander-in-chief of the army and the most powerful personality of Nepal, he commissioned as 11 storied tower to be built infront of his palace Baag Durbar near Sundhara.

A year after, Queen Lalit Tripura Sundari, daughter of Bhimsen Thapa's brother Kaji Narayan Singh Thapa ordered a similar structure to be built alongside the first tower. The second tower was nine storied high. However, both towers didn't last long.

In 1933 AD, devastating earthquake brought both towers down. While Bhimsen's tower was completely obliterated, two storied of 2nd tower remained. This was renovaled by the Rana prime minister Juddha Shumsher in 1934, which is the structure we know today as Dharahara. Sadly, the site when Bhimsen Thapa's tower stood is now a parking area.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

A War Is About To Begin in Nepal

Known as the birthplace of Lord Buddha, Nepal was known to the world as the most peaceful country. But with maoist revolution, it has a different face now. And again, when the country is heading towards peace, it seems another war is about to begin.

With maoist party voted hightest in the election, they seem ready to run the government far long; yet their illegal activities are still on. Strikes are on by the people round the country due to their illegal activities even after being the government body. And few days back the prime minister cum maoist president Prachanda surprised everyone stating such activities by their party's YOUNG COMMUNIST LEAGUE(YCL) worthy for peace.

On the other hand, the UML party have also come up with their YOUTH FORCE in order to fight with the YCL. Though its also illegal and has been a reason for violence in the country alike YCL, their party are also showing no interest in stopping their activities. There are also rumours on Congress party forming their own TARUN DASTAA though not officially announced.

With political parties bringing up such illegal forces to protect their ministries and luxary lifestyle, this will no way help bring peace in Nepal and is beneficial in no way either. If such activities and support continues, war will soon begin in Nepal. And it seems to be happenning much sooner because the prime minister himself is supporting such illegal activities in the country at the highest level.

Beware, a war is about to begin.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Fight Against Piracy - How To

Piracy has been on its peak since few years in Nepal. And it has definitely ruined most of the artists and movie makers life. Yet it doesn't seem to stop with Cable Operators showing movies to their consumers buying pirated DVDs.

Using pirated CDs and DVDs is a crime in itself. Showing movies through cable is a lot more serious crime. But is anyone watching ? Where is the government or where are those fighting against piracy ? If artists and companies keep neglating piracy happenning in various other sectors than their own, they won't be able to stop piracy for themselves. We need to understand that, to fight against piracy we need to fight against piracy on everything. If we neglate piracy happenning on indian and international music, we won't be able to stop piracy on our nepali music either. Same goes with movies and softwares.

Sofware and movie original CDs and DVDs are cheap these days, yet the piracy is on. Companies like Microsoft have launched 2 dollar Windows XP but people are still using the pirated for 35 rupess. Original indian movie DVDs are as cheap as Rs.100 but still pirated is on. Will such help to fight against piracy on nepali music ? It's time to think and take serious action against such.

Lets stop piracy on music, movies and software produced from anywhere in the world. This will directly help stop piracy on our music, softwares and movies. Let those sale such CDs and DVDs be jailed. Let such cable operators who have been showing movies without movie producers written authority be banned forever. Lets help nepali music and movies grow.

Lets Fight Against Piracy.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Indian Idol Ready To Fool Nepal Again

With huge success to collect more than 80 crore rupees from Nepalese only, Indian Idol is back with it 4th season. We hope nepali people will not make fool out of themselves this time.
Last year on its 3rd season of Indian Idol, Nepalese from Nepal and round the world finished more than 100 crore rupees to make a nepali boy Prashant Tamang a winner. Nepalese flooded money for a historic win. But was it really ? We dont' think so. Indian Idol isn't an internatinal competition nor it is where best of the best singers fight for the title. Taking a usual event held every year in India as a singing world cup was a biggest mistake Nepalese round the world made, which ended up giving more than 100 crore rupees to India.
[ And few months after the indian idol, nepal's money again flooded of another competition,"CHHOTE USTAD" to vote another girl from darjeeling, Prakriti Giri. ]

Many Nepalese round the world voted for Prashant Tamang and many funded crores to vote him. With that he was finally announced as the winner. And the INDIAN IDOL is Prashant Tamang. Did they say indian? Well, it seems like a matter of glory to see a nepali boy winning an indian competition. But what has been the outcome ?

Winning Indian Idol made Prashant Tamang accountable to Rs.1 Crore contract, but we clearly need to know that he wasn't getting a crore rupees cash. Immediately after winning the Indian Idol, Prashant Tamang's concerts were held in many countries. But do you people know that, it was the Organiser who earned from such concerts.

It has been about a year since Prashant Tamang became the 3rd Indian Idol. His concerts ended long back. His album was out but the organiser is earning more from it than Prashant himself. The day dreams are offline and he's back to his work as a policeman again in darjeeling. Is that what we Nepalese wanted for him ?

Instead of throwing money for voting him and making a winner, it would have been much better if we had collected money for him and support him financially. Just imagine, if we hadn't voted from him and instead collected those 100 crore rupees for his career and life, wouldn't that had been much much better ? With such amount of money, he could have made 100 albums in his life time and lived his life like a proud Nepali.

We believe we, the nepali people made a huge mistake that time. Lets not repeat such foolishness again. Let us make someone Nepali Idol than an indian idol.


Thursday, September 18, 2008

खाते मान्छे, खाते बोली, खाते फिल्म - निरुता

केहि दिन यता image channel को चलचित्र भन्ने कार्यक्रममा नेपाली चलचित्रका नायिका निरुताले चलचित्र, चलचित्र क्षेत्र र चलचित्रकर्मी सबै खाते छन् भनेर नेपाली चलचित्र प्रेमीहरुलाई गाली गरे ।
आफ्नो जीवनको १४ वर्ष चलचित्र क्षेत्रलाई दिएकी निरुताले अहिले आएर यस्तो भन्दै चलचित्र छोड्ने कुरा पनि बताए । उनले खाते भन्ने शब्दको प्रयोग त गरे तर उनको यस्तो भन्नुको पछाडीको कुरा उनलाई नै बुझाउने कोशिष हामी गर्दैछौं ।

हो, नेपाली चलचित्र क्षेत्र वा चलचित्र गुणस्तरीय रुपमा माथि जान सकेको छैन, तर यसलाई खाते भन्न चैं मिल्दैन । यदि भनिन्छ भने त्यहि प्रयोग गर्ने निरुता जस्ता मान्छेहरु यो क्षेत्रमा भएर हो । निरुता जस्ता खाते बोली बोल्ने खाते नायिका यस क्षेत्रमा भएसम्म नेपाली चलचित्र र यो क्षेत्र खाते त हुने नै भयो नि ।

भारतबाट नेपाली चलचित्रमा पसेका निरुता एक चर्चित नायिका बन्नुमा उसको अभिनय भन्दा पनि विभिन्न सम्बन्धहरुले गर्दा धेरै फिल्महरु खेलेका कारण जबरजस्ती हिट भएको सुनिन्छ । नेपाली चलचित्रलाई खाते भन्ने निरुताको अभिनय चैं कुन दर्जाको छ र - bollywood दर्जाको ? त्यस्तै भएत यहि चलचित्र क्षेत्रबाट bollywood पुगेका मनीषा कोईरालासँगै हुनुपर्ने नि निरुता पनि, होइन ?
कि खाते भनेर अरु नै कुरा बुझाउन खोजेका हुन् । खातेहरु त सँगै सुत्छन् नि - निरुताले पनि आफ्नो director, producer हरुको कुरा गरेका हुन् ?

जुन थालमा खायो त्यहि थालमा हग्ने, साच्चै खाते नै रैछ निरुता ।

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Is The World Learning From Nepal ?

The world had their eyes on Nepal since its very beginning of terror and it has now very surprisingly ended. From a terrorist group to the ministry, the maoist group of Nepal has done it.

With their beginning as a small political party turned unsuccessful, maoist brought war in Nepal(Birthplace of Lord Buddha). Their leader once said in an interview that they started with a single GUN which turned into an armed force in few years. During their period of terror, they killed thousands of innocent people from children to women to elderly people and even journalists. Their financial sources were kidnapping, looting and threatening.

But at present, that same party is ready to run the government, with most of those party leaders who were involved in huge crime/terrorism are now ministers and the topmost leader of the maoist party, the prime minister. Though as a newly formed government theya are shouting loud for an economic success in the country, their illegal activities are still on. Since they earned maximum vote in the recent election (even though by threatning people), everyone is helpless now.

On the othe hand, with war beginning in various countries at recent times, a question arises, "Are terrorist groups coming ahead for terrorism round the globe, seeing Nepal's Maoists' result ? Is the world learning from Nepal ?"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sano Sansar - BullShit, Same As We Predicted

"Kawadi rahechha yaar, What bull shit" were words we heard from the crowd when we came out of the theatre. We had heard the first show was house full, but it was just because of a high expection. On its second show, you could hardly see a hundred viewers.

Alike our prediction two months back, Sano Sansar turned out to be a no good movie. We predicted that people won't be seeing a good/natural acting stuffs, and same happened. The movie makers need to know that just a better technology won't make a good movie. Mr. director, Alok has done the worst job than anyone. We request him not to try making about bullshit in the future and stuck in making music videos.

The movie begins with a korean movie scene from "MY Sassy Girl", which though would seem a good start, it ends up with foolish comedy between Nir Shah and the HERO. What da F ? The director isn't even able to bring out the natural acting from an experienced actor Nir Shah. The dialogues are less delivered and more shouted. Using a sound engineer during the shoot recording live audio could have helped. The play boy's character has acted much natural than others, but it has a role not longer than 5 mins.

For those of us who had thought Sano Sansar would bring back the golden era of kollywood when movies like Saino, Kussume Rumal, Lahure and more were made, we now should be true to ourselves and say, "No Way!".

Although, the story telling was better compared to Kagbeni. The team need to watch more korean movies much seriously and as many times as they can, and learn. Cinematography is OK kind. Unnatural acting was a huge problem with most of the actors in the movie. Few songs were good in terms of composition and other few sounded like old hindi movies from the 80s. Qualified sound engineers could have made the sound quality of both the background score and songs much much better. Background score could have been much better. And last but not the least, the worst part was DIRECTION.

We kindly request Mr. Alok and other music video directors not to come in to movie making, and on the same note request those nepali students learning Film Making courses abroad to come and give it a try. And also to Quest Entertainment, " Please do not show this movie in theatres abroad. Wait till your team bring good movies before showcasing abroad. Save of dignity.
Last Word: SUCKS !

note: the driver khalaasi kinda kollywood movies are with much natural acting than sano sansar. Quiet Shameful

Protest Against Hindi Language in India / Shameful Madeshi Politicians in Nepal

Though a fully democratic country, Nepal got its first vice-president with himself talking oath in HINDI language; against which nepali people protested until his apology. But during that time, the madeshi party politicians, made fun of the people of Nepal, using hindi language in the official events where only national language, Nepali is used. They also announced about their plan to make hindi language another national of Nepal.

But at recent time, an event in India proved those madeshi politicians, how foolish they were. In India, where Hindi is the national language, protest were done by the people of the Maharastra state against Bollywood actress, Jaya Bachchan for using hindi language. People's protest went on till she and her husband Mr. Amitabh Bachchan made an apology publicly.

Even with this news on their ears, those madeshi politicians are still talking about promoting Hindi lauaguage in Nepal. On various occasions, these madeshi politicians have complained about not given enough opportunities and limelight. But with such stupidity what do you guys expect ?
And Please do know its all because of such stupidities, people from every corner of the country (himali, padadi, madeshi, everyone) are calling you 'India's Shit'

Sunday, September 14, 2008

नयाँ नेपाल कस्को लागि, जनता वा नेता ?

२०६३ को जनआन्दोलन यता विभिन्न पार्टी नेताहरु ठूलै परिवर्तन ल्याउछौं भनेर दिनथालिसकेका थिए । झन् मावोबादी पार्टी त क्रान्तिकारी तथा वैज्ञानिक परिवर्तनको सपना देखाए । तर ...
धेरै समय राख्दा राख्दा हाम्रो देश कुइन लागिसकेको कुरा गरेर, ति पार्टीले नेपाली जनतालाई विल्कुलै नयाँ सपना बाँढे नयाँ नेपाल बनाउने ।
लगभग १० वर्षअन्तराष्ट्रिय रुप मै आतङ्ककारी घोषित मावोबादी पार्टी जंगल छोडेर वार्ताको माध्यमबाट नयाँ सरकार बनाउन राजधानी पसे, नेपाली जनताले अब त केहि राहत होला भन्ने आशा गरे । चुनाव जित्नको लागि मावोबादीले सुकुम्बासीहरुलाई घर, गरिबलाई भत्ता, बेरोजगारलाई काम, देशभरी रेल सेवा, १०००० मेगावाट बिजुली उत्पादन आदि जस्ता थुप्रै सपनाहरु बाँढे । जसले गर्दा मावोबादी अत्याधिक मतले विजयी भयो । तर खै त नयाँ नेपाल - हाल आएर जनताहरु बल्ल बुझदैछन् सपना भनेको सपनै हो ।
जनताले कुनै दृष्टीकोणबाट कुनै राम्रो परिवर्तन भएको देखेको छैन । परिवर्तनको लागि समय लाग्ने भएपनि सुरुवातको पनि त अभाष छैन । कि नयाँ नेपाल नेताहरुले जनताको लागि नभई आफ्ना लागि मात्र पो भनेका थिए - यता जनतालाई ग्यास, पेट्रोल, खाद्म आदि जस्ता धेरै कुराको अभाव भईरहँदा, उता मावोबादीलाई सरकारसम्म पर्याउन ठूलो भुमिका मावोबादी लडाकुहरु दुख कष्टमा बसिरहँदा, भर्खरै जंगलबाट शहर पसेको नेताहरु सानदार घर किन्ने, सँधै ५ तारे होटेलमा भेटघाट, पाजेरो गाडी चढ्नुले त यस्तै देखाउछ ।
जे होस् अरु कसैलाई नँया नेपालको आभाष अलिकति पनि नभएतापनि नेताहरुको नँया नेपाल भने पुर्णतय बनिसकेको छ ।
यस्ता नेताहरुको कुर्ची, मन्त्रालय जसोतसो टिकोस्जय होस्

Friday, September 12, 2008

Kiss: Fear Factor

Kissing is a very minor way to express affection to loved ones. Every boy/gal kisses his/her love too often. But do you know doing that is a quiet risky business. A Kiss on your lover's lips or a tongue one though is a real pleasure, it can lead to various transmitted diseases.
We advice to get yourself tested for STDs(Sexually Transmitted Diseases) every three to six months and ask your partner for the same.

Research have shown that there are high risk of diseases like Gonorrhea, Herpes, Syphills to get transmit while kissing. And with teeth or gum problems there are also risk of diseases like HIV, Chlamydia and HPV to get tranismitted.

Think Before a KISS !

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Stupid Kollywood & Digital Films - Wake Up Fools

With Quest Entertainment bringing the Digital High Definition Film Technology with its first release, KAGBENI and soo releasing SANO SANSAR as its second one, there are rumours of more nepali movies in digital format coming in future produced by various production houses. But do you know, Digital Film and High Definition (Digital) Film aren't the same.

These days most of us have cell phones with camera in-built. We use it in most cases taking pictures and shooting personal videos. Do you know such videos are also Digital Films. Else than that, movies on VHS Tapes, CDs, DVDs and BlueRay Dics also come under digital movies. So, rumours on upcoming nepali digital movies by same old kollywood so called movie makers aren't same as Kagbeni(Nepal's First High Definition Film).

Many so called movie makers are busy these days shooting movies with their handycams and other camcorders, same as one we use to shoot home videos. And stupid film journalists with zero knowledge on anything are shouting out loud for that as,"New Digital Nepali Film in the Making".

So called senior old day movie makers do need to know that film viewers aren't foolish. You guys aren in this movie making field with zero knowledge about it. So, even if you come up with a High Definition Film, it will be a CRAP and nothing else. So, making movie on handycams is bullshit.

Lastly, we request all those old senior nepali movie makers, "The new generation of movie making has just begun. Please let those who know how to make good movies, make nepali movies now. Go and learn about the movie making if you are seriously interested making movies, or go into some other field you have knowledge about.

ramro film le crore kamaos, naramro film le lakhau ghata khaos.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

नाच्न जान्दैन, आगन टेंडो - प्रचन्ड

केहि गर्ला भन्ने आशाले, नेपाली जनताले नयाँ पार्टीलाई मावोबादीलाई भोट दिएर विजय बनाए । र फल स्वरुप मावोबादीकै नेत्तृत्वमा सरकार गठन भयो ।

एकातिर, जनताको भावना विपरित मन्त्रालयको लागि तछाड मछाड गरेर नेपाली जनतालाई विभिन्न पार्टीका नेताहरुले देखाएका सपनाहरु झुठा भएका जनता बीच र्छलङ्ग भयो भने अर्कातिर सरकारले पुर्णता पाएको हप्ता दिन नहुँदै, "हाम्रो सरकारलाई असफल बनाउने षड्यन्त्र हुँदैछ" भन्ने प्रधानमन्त्रीको भनाईले नेपाली जनतालाई यो भन्न वाध्य गराएको छ -

जंगल छाडेर शहर पसेदेखि जे गर्दा पनि आफै डराएर भन्न थालेका, "हामीलाई असफल बनाउने षड्यन्त्र हुँदैछ" भन्ने वाक्यलाई अलि बदलेर "हामीले सरकार चलाउन नसक्ने होकि - डर लागि रहेछ" भन्नुपर्यो ।

नाच्न जान्दैन, आगन टेंडो

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TEEJ - Not Their Cup of Tea

Teej is celebrated in Nepal for a better husband or as praying to god for good to ones husband by women and girls round the country. But at this 21st century, women are calling it a festival for those unemployed. Most of women have works even its a holiday for Teej. They say, "office women are mostly busy with their work even in off day. There are lot to be done for ourselves and for the country. How can people dream of Naya Nepal, if they still enjoy wasting their time in various festivals. As we all know, in a year, about 300 days are festivals. So, when will we be working for our Naya Nepal?"
On the road we asked a teen girl about why is she not doing FASTING on teej? She just made a fun out of it saying, "Fasting on Teej festival is praying to get Lord Maha Dev as a husband, and at present we hardly could find a guy with that name".

On a serious note, the new generation do respect the festival TEEJ but wasting their time for a day or more isn't their cup of tea.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Yamaha YZF 125R is better for Nepal

The high expectation on Yamaha R15 went like FUSSSS !!!!

May be Yamaha didn't see the crazyness on bikes in Nepal. Though if it was YZF-125R instead of R15, Yamaha would have been ranked best in bikes in Nepal.
Here are the details on Yamaha YZF-125R
Engine type:Liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 4-valve, single cylinder, SOHC
Displacement:124.66 cc
Bore x stroke:52.0 x 58.6 mm
Compression ratio:11.2:1
Maximum power:11.0 kW (15 PS) @ 9,000 rpm
Maximum torque:12.24 Nm (1,25 kg-m) @ 8,000 rpm
Lubrication system:Wet sump
Carburettor:Fuel injection
Clutch type:Wet, multiple-disc coil spring
Ignition system:TCI
Starter system:Electric
Transmission system:Constant mesh, 6-speed
Final transmission:Chain
Fuel tank capacity:13.8 L
Oil tank capacity:1.15 L
Chassis:Steel Deltabox
Front suspension system:Telescopic forks
Front travel:130 mm
Rear suspension system:Swingarm (monocross)
Rear travel:125 mm
Front brake:Single disc, Ø 292 mm
Rear brake:Single disc, Ø 230 mm
Front tyre:100/80-17 M/C
Rear tyre:130/70-17 M/C
Length (mm):2,015 mm
Width (mm):660 mm
Height (mm):970 mm
Seat height (mm):818 mm
Wheel base (mm):1,355 mm
Minimum ground clearance (mm):155 mm
Dry weight (kg)126.5 kg

Modifying Bikes - Naya Nepal ko Naya Trend

With damn expensive price of Yamaha R1 hitting really hard to bikers pocket, and its Replica R15 not able to be as expected, Nepali bikers are now making serious moves on modified bikes. And their are indian bike modifiers offering modified bikes to nepali bikers also.

Here is a bike on sale:
Originally its Kinetic GF170 Laser, 2004 Model
Interested Buying? Contact: Ankur Khanna. Cell: 9873991991. India
Price: Rs. 45000/- Indian Rupees