Saturday, September 26, 2009

Namrata Shrestha's MMS - dirty game for popularity or modernization ?

She is well known as one of the Nepal's top models. She was well-liked in Nepal's 2nd HD movie, Sano Sansar, which did quite well in Nepal and neighbouring countries. But addiction to a higher fame led her to somewhere else.

Namrata Shrestha, a very popular model and actress shocked Nepal with her hardcore homemade porn video, almost on same time her 2nd movie, "Mero Euta Saathi Chha" was released. 

When asked about it, she told the Nepali media, "Yes, that's me. I shooted that for my personal memory, if you have found it, that's fine. Enjoy." And that's an answer unexpected. In a way that made every media shut their mouth and made them look like a fool. So, could that be really the way she's telling ? for personal memory ?

Nepali media have focused such issues in the past in a heavy manner. That could be a reason this has come out, which could bring Namrata herself in the lime light in huge way, just like her MMS has been able to get headlined in various international newspapers and websites also. So, could that be a popularity stunt ?

On the other hand, her answer to that MMS, could be a proof of modernization in Nepal. Doesn't such act, prove a kind of change in Nepali minds about sex and rest of the stuffs in today's world.

Could be anything among the above, but it definitely proves that, Nepal is no more like it used to be when people to be shy to talk about safe sex issues. But hope such changes do not cross the limit.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Say No to Nepal's New Government

Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal administering oath of office and secrecy to newly appointed ministers at Singha Durbar, Wednesday, Sep 02 09

No words....
All I have to say is, the Nepal's new government sucks and so does the new prime minister

Even the Prime Minister wasn't sure

In my early post I had a question about our new government, "How long will the new government last ?". And now it has been proved that even the Prime Minister himself had that same question in his mind along with his UML communist party. Today UML party stated a 100 days success in a press conference in Kathmandu. On that occasion, he also anounced of addition of 4 more cabinet members in the government, which wasn't an unusual matter in Nepalese politics. This is the sixth time, Nepali government has added more cabinet members for their sake proving them selfish in front of the nepalese people.

With this celebration of 100 days, there's again a question, how about one more hundred ? May be may be not.