Thursday, November 27, 2008

Peace Impossible Without YCL - Prime Minister

A month back, when the YCL issue was to be addressed by the Prime Minister - Prachanda, he clearly said that peace wouldn't have come in Nepal if there were no YCL. So, shouldn't just break it down." It was a shocking address by Prachanda in the cabinet and people even thought of a better change in the YCL. But it is now much worst.

15-year olds Ritesh Rauniyar and Ashish Manandhar disappeared on November 15. Actually, there were kidnapped by the YCLs as per those who saw the incident live. Their family were made helpless by the police also because of the incident was done by YCLs, a government running maoist party followers. Yesterday- Nov 26, their dead bodies were recovered from a jungle in Gumalchowki, Thankot. And the so-called police force are still acting like statues.

Is this what maoist government and police force under them is all about. ? Is this what YCL will be doing forever ? If it is, we, the people won't just sit and watch. And maoist leaders beware, "We the people are the one who brought you where you are now, and we have the power to throw you people out from there into a shit.

And YCLs, enough is enough. Don't take our patience as fear.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Naya Nepal Ko Politics, Maoist Style

With slogans of 'Naya Nepal' as the hottest happening, Nepal has now seen a never seen before style of politics in recent years. And those making it happen are the communist party, Maoist.

Still labeled as terrorist in USA, maoist party have been playing games since they came out from the jungle stopping their violence. And it hasn't stopped yet. So, what actually their style ?

There's a well-known proverb of "Two Tongues". But it has never been used on politicians, as though they never used fullfill their promises, they used to promise same to everyone. But maoist politicians in a hurry to do something different are doing extra ordinary, are speaking different things at different places and situations. Their speeches differs on every place they go. They speak about new homes and free education infront of poors, they speak about throwing poor foothpath business people infront of retailers. They speak about border protection infront of the people living at Nepal-India borders, but while visiting India they thank India for bullshits. They speak about illegal entrance of Nepalese in Casinos, behind that they ask for crores for not doing it for the casino owners. They speak for peace and security, but they are still killing people.

Actually, there are thousands of proofs about maoist being two tonguers. May be that's their style.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nepali Models Nude Pictures - Why Fake ?

We have been hearing about NAYA NEPAL few months before the recent election. Though there hasn't been such changes in the country to call itself a newer one, there has definitely been drastic development in some sectors. Among them is Modelling sector. Nepali women who used live most of their life inside her house are now free as bird, and now are flying higher than men can even think of.

Recent years has been a blast for models and those who love watching them their way. Good or bad, models are now treating themselves like in hollywood. We barely see them wearing full clothes, wearing a national dress, GUNYO CHOLO is a daydream. With semi-nude pictures of most of the models, those in a sari are hardly believed as models.

Yet, questions becomes headlines when fake nude pictures and videos are spread out. But why ? Are originals any different than fake ones ? Models are now posing almost nude for glamour websites. Topless pictures has been a trend. Even those who can't dare are crossing the limits as a Nepali. There are pictures of models with no Bras, and some throwing the TOPs. Aren't those pictures as nude as fake pictures and MMS ?

Why Fake then ?

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nepal Isn't Just Kathmandu - Governent Still Bias

This is a issue brought long back by the nepali people living out of the capital city. Whoever comes in the government has been biased about it and those calling themselves as politicians of the poor, Maoist are doing the same again.

Recently, the government announced to clean up of the footpath businesses as footpaths are made for people to walk. But even in such issue, the government has proven itself bias. Footpaths of Kathmandu looks fresh now, with no thelaz and other footpath business disturbing the traffic. It's quiet good to see it. But people here in the capital city don't know that, elsewhere it hasn't change a bit. It's still the same. Government isn't giving its full effort to clean up the country's foothpath. It's just revolving around Chitwan. Why do government forget that whole country votes on any election ?

Government need to think it quick, or this new ones won't be different from those old parties. On the other hand, maoist party running the government shouldn't also forget most of those who voted on their favour on the last election were poors which also includes foothpath business people.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

British Council Affiliates & Monopoly

Because of Nepal's political condition and as a trend, Nepali students are going abroad and the numbers are increasingly rapidly. Taking such condition into consideration, British Council affiliates who conduct British Council's are running a monopoly market.

British Council is one of the biggest name, which results its affiliates to stand ahead compared to others in various terms. One such in IELTS preparation. British Council affiliates or Exam centers in many places of Nepal are acting like a branch of British Council and on the other hand, conducting IELTS classes. This has made the students think that, it's the British Council who's organising the preparation classes, though it isn't true.

Yet again, these days, those exam centers have updated some of their policies. One of those is, those who join their preparation class must also do their abroad study processing from their institution only. Isn't it an unfair monopoly being done by such reputed firm (British Council Affiliated Institution) ?

Isn't British Council responsible for it ? If this matter is taken into consideration, British Council shouldn't allow their affiliates to run any IELTS preparation classes or any abroad study counciling center.
We hope British Council will understand the gravity of the matter and bring a change very soon.

Monday, November 17, 2008

फेरि फकिए राम बहाढुर

Photo Coourtesy: Annapurna Post

नाम सुन्दा को हो र जस्तो लाग्छ तर नव बुद्ध भन्नासाथ सबैको याद ताजा हुन्छ । हो केहि वर्षयता देश तथा विदेश मै ठूलो तहल्का मच्चाउने राम बहादुर बम्जनको कुरा हो यो । ध्यान गर्न गाह्रो भएको भन्दै अचानक गायब भएका राम बहादुर हालै फेरि देखा परेका छन् । अब सत्य तथ्य खोज्ने कि -

जंगलको बीचमा केहि सेवन नगरी ध्यानमा बसेर आफुलाई गौतम बुद्धको अवतारको रुपमा चिनाउने, राम बहादुर केहि दिन यता अचानक देखापरेर सबैलाई दङ्ग पारेका छन् । तर के साच्चै उनी बुद्धको अवतार नै हुन् त - केहि भन्छन् यो कलियुगमा कुनै अवतारको जन्म हुनु असम्भव छ र केहि भने उनी साच्चै बुद्धको अवतार मन्दै पुजा गर्ने तथा दान दिने गरि रहेका छन् । अर्कातिर अहिलेका बै ज्ञानिका युगकाहरु यसलाई केवल ढोङ्गको रुपमा हेछन् ।

तथ्य हेर्ने हो भने, राम बहादुर पहिलो चोटि गायब हुनु अघि उनलाई चढाइएको र दान पेटिकामा दान दिएको रकम करोडौं थियो । त्योबारे अहिले कोहि केहि बोलेको छैन र कतिलाई याद पनि छैन । कहाँ गयो त त्यत्रो पैसा ? केमा प्रयोग भयो होला अर्कातिर, शान्तिको खोजीमा ध्यान बस्दै आएका राम बहादुर, अहिले अचानक आएर स्टेजमा माइक समातेर प्रवचन गर्न थाल्नुलाई के भन्ने ?

यसबारे सरकारले पनि केहि छानबीन गर्ने होकि ? अनि, जनता आफै पनि जागरुक हुन जरुरी छ ।

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music Video Directors - VJs - Help !

Few years back, Nepali music video was at its golden period. There's no second thought on it. But instead of development on this field, people are pushing it backward esp. in terms of quality. And the reason is quiet simple. It's the VJs.

When a music video is ready for airplay, VJs are the one to decide which plays when and how many times. And, since music video is what makes a album successful or trash, VJs play vital role in any artists' career. Seeing such open oppertunity and because of their greed, VJs are directing music videos.

VJs are meant to host a television program, and not to direct anything. Frankly speaking, nepali VJs hardly know what music video direction is, but they do direct videos. On the other hand, music artists and bands have no other option than video with them because if they make video with any other serious music video director, the VJs wont' play their song on television channels.

Yet both ways, artists and bands are suffering. VJs can't make good music videos and serious director made ones won't be played in channels. So, what can be done ?

Friday, November 14, 2008

No Nepali This Time - Indian Idol

We all know what Indian Idol is all about, as last year Nepalese worldwide spent more than Rs.50 Crore for Prashant Tamang to make him a winnner. So, whom are you going to vote this year ?

On the third season of the Indian Idol, a boy from the Gorkhaland made history winning the title. Frankly speaking he wasn't a Nepali though. He was speaking Indian. Loads of vote came from Nepalese worldwide. But this season, it's a different story.

This year, there's any Nepali speaking indian in the IDOL. No Tamang or Giri or any with Nepali alike cast. So, will Nepalese worldwide vote this time ? If yes, this can result few Crores for the Indian Idol organisers. But who'll they vote ? There's no nepali speaker or alike.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nepali Political Rappers - Picture Speaks

We all know most rappers hardly sing, they just speak bullshits. And We feel they aren't different:

People on the frame:
Madhav Kumar Nepal - Nepal Communist Leader (On White Coat)
Puspa Kamal Dahal 'prachanda' - Prime Minister (On White Tshirt with Chain)
Babu Ram Bhattarai - Minister (Behind prachanda With Just Head Seen)
Girija Prasad Koirala - Ex-Prime Minister (On Black Tshirt)
Gynendra Shah - Used to be King (On Blue Dress), and
Jhala Nath Khanal - Minister (Sitting with Brown dress)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Aishwarya Rai Topless Ever

Though debut as one of the worst performer in bollywood, Aishwarya has till now been able to make of place of her own. Till Dhoom2, she was also on limelight for not kissing any actor on screen. But what's done is done forever. Aish once shooted topless for a magazine and it back again.

At the beginning of her modelling career, Aishwarya Rai was offered topless photo shoot for IMAGE magazine's coverpage. Along with her was well-known male model Milind Suman. Here we share that same picture that has now been a headache for the Bachchan Family these days:

Monday, November 10, 2008

Inside Story : Drug Rehab Center

With more and more teenagers going for drugs, Drugs has been a serious threat in Nepal. Though no government is seeing it, there are rehab centers mostly funded by donars abroad. And for their drugless purpose, rehabs are a well-respected organisation. But these days faces seem changing.

Rehabs are here for long time helping cure drug addicts. There were also rumours of different other drugs being used to stop the addicts' habit of some known ones. As rehabs are all full of addicts, leting them do their job their way could have been a mistake. On the other hand, there are cured addicts around us moving with a different life. Yet the face we see of rehabs aren't that simple and innocent. It's different.

Recently, pictures of Nepali rehabs has been posted in many social network sites like mySpace, FaceBook, Hi5 and few other. One of those is the picture above. These picture are clearly showing what happens inside rehabs. So, parents need to aware of that, if their son/daughter is a addict and they are sending them to a rehab for cure.

And, recently hacking into a rehab's computer, I have found out that they are donated 1 crore Nepali Rupees to be spent in 6 months. I guess most others in Nepal get paid the same or even more. So, where are those money going ? For more drugs ?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Aid of Street Childern Concerts

Whenever a season of celebration arrives, concerts are the hottest happenning. May it be dashain, tihar, shivaraatri and even other's newyear; concerts are always there to entertain. And most of them have same slogan, "In Aid of Street Children. So, are they really for the street children's aid ?

Definitely Not. If such events would aid street children, there surely would be no street children left on the roads round the country. Whenever such sloganed concerts happen, people come enjoy and go without even thinking if the organisers will even pay a paisa in aid for the street children. Actually it's a government business to monitor about that matter, but shouldn't we be aware about that too ?

Next time before you go back home from a concert, will you try asking those organisers which organisation are they donating ? And on the other hand, we request Chief District Officers to be clear about such matters before they give permissions to such organisers.

Please help street children for real than digesting everything on their name.

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Internet Killing Kollywood

Internet has been one of the greatest achievement for us. Though it' quiet known for doing just the opposite. Being beneficial one way, it has made some's nightmare true another way. One of those who are seeing their nightmares in real is Nepali Film Industry - Kollywood.

The history of Nepali films hasn't been much long. And again, it seems much shorter because most of those in this industry are unprofessionals. Almost all of them are into this field because of their hobby. From actors to script writers to directors to producers to cinematographers; no one knows about their work in real. With such team of movie makers, what do we expect ? Definitely no way a good movie. This has been the main reason why Nepali (kollywood) movies aren't progressing in terms of quality.

And now there's another on their way. It's the internet. These days kollywood movies are published on the internet, which is reducing its viewers to few thousand. Such activities are mostly being done by Nepalese living abroad for their personal income.

We asked one of those website's webmaster why are they doing such crime; his answer was, "Crime ! Who Care ? Those kollywood movie makers who have hardly any knowledge of their work, may not even know their movies are being published on the internet. In one way, its good for them that we are promoting Nepali movies. On the other hand, even if they are known about this, there's hardly anyone literate to file a case against us. And even if their is one, where will they file their case ? In Nepal ? That won't work ?"

This seems a serious issue not just to the kollywood movie makers but also for Nepali music companies and artists as its happenning with the music field too. If government supports, it is possible to push those criminals to prison.

Friday, November 7, 2008

तार्पिन तेल मिसाएको पेट्रोल र सरकारको बोली

पेट्रोल डिजलको भाउ अन्तराष्ट्रिय बजारमा सस्तो हुँदा पनि नेपालमा त्यसको मुल्य नघटेकोले जनताले सरकारको नक्सानै बदलिदिने होकि भन्ने सरकार चलाईरहेकाहरुलाई डर थियो । त्यसैले अन्तराष्ट्रिय बजार अनुसार नै नेपालमा पनि पेट्रोल डिजलको भाउमा हरेक महिना परिवर्तन ल्याउने सरकारले घोषणा गर्यो । गर्नु त गर्यो तर कसरी ?

मटितेल मसाएर चलिरहेको नेपाली पेट्रोलको बजारमा, यसको भाउ घटाउनै पर्ने जनताको आदेश पछि सरकारले हाल मटितेल भन्दा सस्तो तार्पिन तेल मिसाउन थालेका छन् । जसले गर्दा पेट्रोल प्रयोग हुने साधनहरु एकाएक बिग्रीन थालेका छन् । उता सरकार भने सरकारले आपुर्र्ति गरेका कुनै पनि किसिमका तेलहरुमा कुनै मिसावट नभएको बताउछन् । सरकारको यस्तो बोलिले उपभोगताहरुलाई झन् आक्रोशित बनाएको छ । वर्षौदेखि पेट्रोलमा मटितेल मिसिदैं आएको कसलै थाहा छैन - अझ, अहिले झन् मिसावटको हदै पार गर्दा पनि कुनै मिसावट छैन भन्न यो सरकारलाई लाज लाग्दैन ?

तेलमा तार्पिन तेल मिसिएको खुद मटरसाइकल बनाउनेहरुले विभिन्न टेलिभिजनमा प्रत्क्षय देखाउँदा सम्म अझ मोटरमाइकल मै खराबी हो भनेर सरकारले के बुझाउन खोजेको हो त ? यो त अत्ति नै भयो । हाल सम्म त मटितेल मिसाएको पेट्रोल प्रयोग गर्दा पनि उपभोगताहरु मौन नै थिए, तर हालको सरकारको यस्तो घटिया व्यवहारले गर्दा अब त १०० प्रतिशत शुद्ध पट्रोल नै चाहिन्छ नत्र यो सरकार धेरै टिक्दैन ।

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

सरकारले रोगको सुइ लगाउन अझै छाडेन जनतालाई

विदेशीहरुले कहिले काहिं ठट्टा गरेको सुनिन्छ, "जीवनमा कम्तीमा एक चोटि बिरामी हुने सौ भात्य भए नेपाल जान पाइन्छ ।" यसलाई सकारात्मक रुपमा लिएर यसो हाम्रो वरपर हेर्ने हो भने यो कुरा बाह्र टक्कै साँचो हो भन्ने पुष्टी हुन्छ । यो वषौं देखि सुनिदै आएको कुरा हो र हाल सम्म आइपुग्दा, ठूलै परिवर्तनको भाषण दिने मावोबादी सरकारमा हुँदासम्म स्थीति त्यस्तै छ ।

नेपाल संसारकै सबैभन्दा गरिब देशहरुमा पर्छ । यस्तै सबैभन्दा फेहरी देशहरुको नाम लिंदा, ने पालको नाम पनि छुट्दैन । तर कुनै बेला हाल सरकारमा भएकाहरुले यस्ता लाज मर्दो सुचीहरुबाट नेपाललाई टाढा राख्ने वाचा गरेका थिए । खै त, भोट कमायो, सरकार बनायो, बिर्सीयो आफुले बोलेका कुराहरु ?
हावामा फोहर, पानी त्यस्तै फोहर, बाटोमा हिड्दा त्यस्तै फोहर । कतै फोहर नदेख्नको लागि आँखै चिम्लेर हिडेपनि, त्यस्तै गनाउने । यस्तै फोहरहरुले गर्दा सबै बिरामीका बिरामी । लाग्छ, सरकारले जनतालाई रोगको सुइ अझै हाल्न छोडेका छैनन् ।

Monday, November 3, 2008

Kathmandu Marathon - Race Without Rules

We are always awaiting for a prasing issue, but things are always different. May be there aren't Mr. Perfects in Nepal and not even wannabes. Yesterday, Kathmandu Marathon went alike, proving itself as a race without rules.

While registering the participants for the marathon and even before the event began, the organiors clearly mentioned that, rules as per IAAF will be followed. So, as per that rule, participants weren't allowed to have anything except water. But the scene was different in the race. Even the winner - Rajendra Bhandari was seen breaking the rules and he was still announced as a winner. A reminder, Rajendra Bhandari is the same guy whose two gold medals were taken back by the 8th SAF Games official after finding him using drugs in the event.

One of the participants of the marathon, Arjun Dhakal publicly protested against what happened in the Marathon along with few other participants. But organisors were speechless. We hope such things won't happen in the future. Yet, we are confident that such shameful things will repeat in future

After all its in Nepal.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

दिदिबहिनी दाजुभाई नभएकाहरुको भाई टिका

हरेक वर्षदशैं पछि मनाइने अर्का ठूलो चाड, तिहार हिजो भर्खर सिद्धिएकोछ । यस पर्वको अन्तिम दिन भाईटिकामा दिदिबहिनीहरुले आफ्ना दाजुभाईहरुलाई टिका लगाइदिने चलन छ । अर्कातिर, दिदिबहिनी नभएका वा दाजुभाई नभएकाहरु केहि वर्षअघिसम्म मन खिन्न बनाई बस्ने गरेतापनि हाल आएर उनीहरुकमा पनि खुशीको परिवर्तन आएको छ ।

भनिन्छ, भाईटिकाको दिन यमराजले टिका थापिरहेका दाजुभाईको मृत्यु पनि माफ गर्छन् रे । यहि भनाईलाई आत्मसाथ गरी होस् वा चलि आएको चलनको रुपमा लिई, यस दिन, दाजुभाईहरुले आफ्ना दिदिबहिनीहरुको हातबाट टिका थाप्छन् । टिका थापेपछि दाजुभार्इ हरुबाट उपहार पाउनु पनि दिदिबहिनीहरुको लागि छुट्टै रमाइलो हुन्छ । दाजुभाई दिदिबहिनी हुनेलाई त यो चाड अत्यन्त रमाईलो हुन्छ, तर केहि वर्षअघिसम्म नभएकाहरुलाई दाजुभाई वा दिदिबहिनी नभएको याद दिलाउने नरमाइलो चाड हुन्थ्यो ।

तर, हाल यो फरक छ, र यस चाडमा ठूलै र राम्रो परिवर्तन आएको छ । अब दिदिबहिनी वा दाजुभाई नभएकाहरुले पनि भाईटिका हषर् का साथ मनाउँछन् । काठमान्डौ स्थित रानीपोखरी यस दिन दाजुमाई नभएका दिदिबहिनीहरु टिका लगाईदिन बस्ने गर्छन् । र दिदिबहिनीहरु नभएकाहरु पनि त्यहाँ टिका लगाउन भिड हुन्छन् । काटमारको समाचार सामान्य भईसकेको हाम्रो देश नेपालमा, रगतको नाता जस्तै भावनाको नातालाई पनि भाईटिकाको दिन पारेर इज्जत दिनुले सच्चा नेपालीको मानवीय स्वभावलाई दर्साउछ ।