Thursday, February 28, 2008

Deepika insists I am not Mallika Sherawat.

The latest star on the block Deepika Padukone is dead against showing her body on-screen and that is why she has turned down an offer from Anurag Basu .

Basu’s forthcoming venture includes loads of exposure and therefore Deepika had decided to say no to the man who last directed the superhit Metro .

Basu has not yet decided on the title of the film. If Deepika at some point of time changes her mind then she would get to work opposite superstar Hrithik Roshan in the movie.

But there is no reason for Deepika to panic on missing the opportunity from acting with Hrithik because she is going to pair with the superstar in the sequel of Krrish .

Reports are that Deepika has also signed for Mani Ratnam ’s next opposite Shah Rukh Khan .
After the success of Om Shanti Om , Deepika became a star overnight and has been swamped with many film offers, but it seems like she has got full confidence on her acting.

Rakhi Sawant gets to Big Banner - Yash Raj Films

Rakhi Sawant's prayers has been answered finally. The sultry siren will be soon seen in a Yash Raj flick, to be directed by Anurag Singh, where she will be playing the role of a dancer from Bhand Samaj doing Nautanki. Nevertheless her talent looks to be catching public attention initially with Rakesh Roshan’s Krazzy 4 and now Yash Raj. When asked about the movie, Rakhi showed a complete surprise and asked, “Who told you about this? I don’t want to comment on this.” She adds “It’s my dream to work with Yash Raj. I am dying to work with them and if I get an opportunity to work with them, it would be like a dream come true.” While Yash Raj sources has confirmed that they have signed Rakhi for their film. “Yes, Rakhi Sawant has been signed for YRF production in a Shahid Kapoor and Rani Mukherjee starrer film,” said a spokesman without revealing any movie details.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Wonderful Tonight - Chord Giveout

Wonderful Tonight - Eric Clapton
G D/F# C D G D/F# C D
G D/F#
It's late in the evening
She's wondering what clothes to wear
G D/F#
She puts on her make up
And brushes her long blonde hair
And then she asks me
G Bm/F# Em
Do I look alright
C D G D/F# C D
And I say yes, you look wonderful tonight
G D/F#

We go to a party
And everyone turns to see
G D/F#
This beautiful lady
That's walking around with me
And then she asks me
G Bm/F# Em
Do you feel alright
And I say yes, I feel wonderful tonight
I feel wonderful
D G Bm/F# Em
Because I see the love light in your eyes
And the wonder of it all
Is that you just don't realize
G D/F# C D G D/F# C D
How much I love you
G D/F#
It's time to go home now
And I've got an aching head
G D/F#
So I give her the car keys
She helps me to bed
And then I tell her
G Bm/F# Em
As I turn out the light
C D G Bm/F# Em Em/D
I say my darling, you were wonderful tonight
C D G D/F# C D G D/F# C D G
Oh my darling, you were wonderful tonight

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Shadows' ass kicked. Bassist goes SOLO !

After their new vocalist and their second album, "Hidne Manchhe Ladchha", The Shadows Band reached the top of the Nepali music industry as Nepal's first real Rockstars. Their songs: Hidne Manchhe Ladchha, Prakriti, Dharma rocked the nation. But few months back the Lead Guitarist: Prakash Rasaili and Bassist: Amit Pradhan left the band and went abroad.

With three of the members left in the country, its hard time recording for their 3rd Album. Two new members who were in an underground band have recently joined the band, don't seem to connect well with their alternative rock music.

On the other band, Ex-Bassist Amit Pradhan in Australia is working on his Solo Album. More than half of his songs has been posted in his HI5 profile and recording session videos in YOUTUBE. Listening his tracks, it seems like he was the one band behind the success of The Shadows.

Note: We are posting his song and videos soon ! So Keep Patience

Monday, February 11, 2008

South Asian Star Nepal - Judges Sucks !

There has always been a trend in Nepal to coping stuffs than doing orginal. Similarly, the hunt for the Nepali singing sensation began a month back by Image Channel. Though called a search for a Nepali Singing Star, its surprising to know that it didn't auditioned in most of the cities in Nepal where good singers do exist.

It has now completed it audition round. During the audition, the most foolish thing to watch are the judges. Can they be called JUDGES? How can we? They hardly can give a rigid comment. Those judges can't even evaluate what a correct sanged song is.

So, judges please before saying, "You didn't sang well to any participant", let yourself know where did he/she go wrong. And give specific answers. Just saying, "Ramro gaunu vayo, ramro gaunu vayena", would only show that you judges are freaking unprofessional people in Nepali Music Industry.

Watching all the audition round of the South Asian Star Nepal, uptill now we have two words for the judges, which may change with how judges deal with the participants.


Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kidney Mafia Arrested - Game Self-Planned

The indian doctor, Amit Kumar involved in the kidney mafia business, got arrested in Nepal, from Sauraha. Though various indian media shouted as if its was their deed, but it was a well-planned game by Dr. Amit himself.

Nepal has always been the place for underground stay, due to weak security reasons. Various Gangsters and Mafia Leaders have been here to hide themselves for years. Though few of them caught, more of them are still enjoying their years long luxurious vacations.

Same was the case with Dr. Amit. After knowing that the Indian Police is in search of him, he flew to Nepal for a safer stay. On the other hand, it was easy for him to go abroad (Canada) from here. He stayed for few days in Kathmandu (Capital City of Nepal) as tourist, so that on one could suspect. Then he flew to Sauraha (Famous Tourist Destination of Nepal), to exchange foreign currencies. During his stay there, local police caught him with the help of Interpoll information. Seems an easy game over for the cops.

But some questions give different statements about it.Why would he keep foreign currencies, knowing the interpoll is after him, and its illegal in Nepal?

Couldn't the story be like this:

He was informed earlier that Indian Police is after him. So, he consulted with his lawyer about the situation. His lawyer suggested him to flew to Nepal, which is a free-border country to India; and also suggested for a crime which would look like an unknowingly done mistake, and which could imprision him for about 5 to 6 months in Nepal. As such crime, carrying foreign currencies was the best match. After getting himself arrested, information about trying to bribe the police was also a preplanned stuff. Lastly, the game was almost over as planned. But his worst luck, Nepal didn't take action for the crime he did in Nepal and game him to the Indian Police.

We salute Nepali Police, Indian Police and the Interpoll for such co-ordination.

Fooling Nepali Again - It was Prashant, now its Prakriti Giri.

Though a matter of pride and joy for the country, Prashant Tamang being the Indian Idol3 Winner cost the country about 20 Crore Rupees minimum. And likewise, the next game has almost begun. It was Sony Television's Indian Idol and now its Star Plus' Voice of India: Chhote Ustad. Another Nepali girl is up on the stage to make the country proud, and she is non other than PRAKRITI GIRI. In other words, this is was Nepalese round the globe think. On a serious note, Prashant Tamang and her are almost of a same level as singing is concerned, which on the other hand also means she isn't the best in the competition. To no surpise, she got illiminated last friday. But she'll be definitely be back again in the competition, and that's when the game begins.

Whole world know, how much money Nepalese had thrown for making Prashant Tamang an Indian Idol. Same is expected with PRAKRITI GIRI. But yet people need to think about such huge donation and also that is the money paying something back to that little girl. Did that last 20 Crore Rupees went to Prashant's pocket.

Time has come to re-think about it. Why not collect money for PRAKRITI GIRI, instead of voting or throwing money to Indian Television Company? If a Crore Rupees can come up with more than 10 albums of Prakriti Giri with promotion worldwide, why not do it that way? Has Prashant Tamang been given oppertunities in the Indian Music Industry? Has he been able to secure his future just winning the title? Instead of voting, if 20 Crore was donated to him for his albums and living, he would have been a real Idol for Nepal. So, please think twice this time.

Lets collect money for Prakriti Giri and donate for her musical career, because winning in life matters more than just a competition.

Jai Nepal.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Kareena Kapoor & Saif Ali Khan Married !

He boldly tattooed his lady love’s name on his hand, when playfully provoked by her friends to display the depth of his love he slashed his palm, and lately the object of his affection has been sporting a whopper on her finger.

Three months into the relationship, buzz is Saif Ali Khan, 37, and Kareena Kapoor, 27, have tied the knot. Curiously, quite akin to his first marriage with Amrita Singh, Saif again went at it the second time under the shroud of secrecy.

It has been reliably learnt that a quiet nikah ceremony took place in the presence of a maulvi in Saif’s new house Laview Patni, in Bandra on Wednesday. Says Saif’s astrologer Pandit Suvashitraj, “Yes, I have heard that Saif and Kareena solemnised their relationship with a formal exchange of rings in the presence of a maulavi on Wednesday. The ceremony took place at 12.30 p.m. This is what is known as vachan vivaah.”

A source from the industry who is close to Kareena confirmed the nikah and said that Saif has gifted Kareena a BMW.

Pandit Suvashitraj added, “Both Saif and Kareena, have been very eager to get married for a while now. Saif is ready but Kareena’s family is the stumbling block. The actress’ parents feel that she should concentrate on her career as a lot of plum offers are coming her way; and that she should put her marriage on hold for now.”

However, Saif dismissed it off as a rumour, and his mother Sharmila Tagore said, “I have no idea. When he married Amrita Singh, he didn’t inform. I don’t think he would do the same thing again.”

We dropped in at LaView Patni to get a whiff of things. The officer-in-charge Ashok Mishra only sheepishly said that Kareena has been a frequent visitor at the property and has been taking a keen interest in the renovations. “Saif has purchased the top two floors of this building and is re-doing the bedrooms and the kitchens. There is a lot of work going on in his house. He has put a gentleman called Rajesh in-charge of the dcor, and by the look of things here I don’t thing he will shift soon. It will take at least a year to get done.”


• Following the break-up between Kareena and her boyfriend-for-four-years, Shahid Kapur, Kareena and Saif were spotted together at numerous hot spots in Mumbai and Delhi.

• The two reportedly became close while shooting for their upcoming film Tashan, setting rumour mills abuzz with their link-up.

• Kareena was drawn to the senior actor on the sets of Tashan when her man of the moment Shahid Kapur was away shooting in Canada. Shahid was unaware of all that was going on behind his back, even though all was not well with that relationship.

• At a party at Imperial Hotel in Delhi, a photographer clicked Saif and Kareena cosying up. The hawk-eyed Kareena swooped down on the hapless lensman and snatched his camera. Saif and Usman (Amrita Arora’s boyfriend) joined in, took the photographer aside and deleted the tell-all pictures.

• They made their relationship public for the first time at Manish Malhotra’s grand finale show at the Lakme Fashion Week Spring-Summer ‘07. “Yes, we are not exactly shouting from the rooftops but yes, clearly we are together. And we are happy together,” he had said then.

• The couple left for Greece to shoot for Tashan, a day before the crew left, planning to spend some quality time together.

• Recently, Kareena made a discreet trip to Bangkok to meet Saif, who was shooting there for Kunal Kohli’s upcoming film. Following this, the couple left for Greece to shoot for Tashan.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Katrina Kaif Claims She Is Single

Recently many tabloids claimed that Salman and Katrina have split and gone their separate ways. However Kats has always refrained from commenting on her personal life with Salman. But a forthright Katrina recently said “If a woman is not married or engaged, she is single.” Katrina also claimed that since she was neither engaged nor married, she too was single. When Katrina was questioned whether her on-screen chemistry with co-star Akshay Kumar was one of the reasons for her split she stated “That’s a very silly speculation.”

Katrina is also tired of listening to buzz that Salman has promoted her career in bollywood and that he keeps recommending her to filmmakers. But in reply to this Katrina claims that she has also worked with filmmakers who are not close to Salman. One of the other reasons for a rift in the Sallu-Kat relationship was said to be when Katrina signed Rajkumar Santoshi’s film opposite Shahid Kapur. Salman was very upset as he does not share a good rapport with Shahid. There was talk that Salman approached Santoshi to shelve the film. Katrina confirms that the film is not happening right now, she states “Santoshi has this thing of going back and forth on his films and I don’t have dates till April. As for whether Shahid will do the film, I think you should ask him.”

Katrina does not wish to dwell too much on her personal life, but would prefer too highlight her professional life. However regarding standing by Salman during his time in prison, she stated “What one has to do in circumstances when one has no choice is another thing. If I have something to fulfill in my personal life, the media cannot stop me.” Katrina’s next film release is ‘Welcome’ where she once again stars opposite Akshay Kumar. Katrina is excited about the film and states “I play Nana Patekar and Anil Kapoor’s sister, they both are flirtatious dons. But when I fall in love with Akshay, they are not too happy about it.” There was also buzz that Katrina did not get along with her female co-stars like Mallika Sherawat in Welcome and Bipasha Basu in Race. Katrina merely replies “Small things keep happening, but I am a professional, and if the role is good I would love to work with them again.”
Katrina’s forthcoming films include Anees Bazmee’s Welcome, Ramesh Taurani’s Race; Singh is King with Akshay, a Yash Raj film with Ranbir Kapoor and Mein Yuvraj opposite Salman Khan. There is also talk that Salman and Katrina will make separate guest appearances in Atoll Agnihotri’s film Hello. However Katrina denies being approached for a guest appearance in the film.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Om Shanti Om Gal Cares No More For Farah Khan

The most promising newcomer Deepika Padukone is not caring to keep in touch with the woman who gave her the first big break in Bollywood. After the success of her debut film Om Shanti Om , actress Deepika Padukone has moved on with her newfound fame. She has got projects with big banners in her kitty and is keeping so busy that she doesn’t have time to keep in touch with the OSO director Farah Khan .

It has been close to three months when Deepika last spoke with Farah. The two last met at the OSO book launch on November 14, 2007. After that Deepika has rarely been in touch and that too through SMSes. Though Farah is not upset, she is a bit surprised by this aloofness of
Deepika. All other actors from OSO, Shreyas Talpade , Arjun Rampal and Kiron Kher often call Farah and inquire about her health as she is expecting triplets.

Since early this year Deepika had been shooting the next Yashraj film with Ranbir Kapoor in Australia where she also caught up on cricket matches between India and Australia. Deepika and Ranbir recently returned to Mumbai and were spotted shopping together in the plaza of a five star hotel. But a visit to Farah Khan, which has been due a long time, doesn’t seem to be on Deepika’s wishlist.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nepali Topless Models Rocks !

Alike Nepali music industry isn't able to make any progress yet started more that a decade back. Even the modelling industry are slowing down. Though it seems rising real high, the modelling industry is turning itself into a trash.

With no serious and untrained models over the country and various websites runned by the youngsters focusing on female models' body only, it seems there's no future in the Nepalese Modelling industry. With such websites and their focus, almost topless or almost nude models are stars, whereas trained ones are laid back.

If such trend continues, there'll be no Nepali Models in future or Nepali Modelling field will be synomyned by Porn Modelling Field.

Now You Can Wear Kareena’s Clothes

Having virtually given up films for family or ‘choosing her roles’, Kareena Kapoor is now all set to design clothes for the brand she is currently endorsing.

While many Indian actresses have taken up other vocations after quitting movies, with this move Bebo becomes the first Indian actress who will be designing her clothes.
A little birdie from Bollywood whispers, “Kareena has a very good sense of dressing and loads of style that is in vogue and liked by the youngsters.

In fact, our Bebo baby has set a new trend after she wore a Patiala salwar along with a T-shirt. Now most teenagers and youths keen to sporting that look”.

Well, though not doing too many films right now, Kareena is always in the news. Currently, she is the talk of the town for her much-publicized affair with Saif Ali Khan.

Such free fame has encouraged the designer company endorsed by Kareena to ask her to design her own clothes hoping that it will hit the market like a thunder.

For the initiator, this particular clothing line for which Kareena will be designing clothes will be launched sometime in July or August next year.

We are told that Kareena, who is well known for going into the details of the roles she performs on screen, will now go through each and every step of designing the clothes and approving them personally.

Bebo has made it clear that she will be the only person to decide the material as well as the work to be done on this line of garments, which will include accessories also.

So, even without too many films in her kitty, Bebo will be all busy this year. She has lots and lots of work to do. She will be designing clothes, promoting ‘Tashan’ and look after the ‘Golmaal’ returns.

Interestingly, ‘Heyy Babyy’ director Sajid Khan has also signed Kareena up for his next venture and she has also bagged a role in ‘Kambhakt Ishq’ opposite Akshay Kumar.

Meanwhile, Bebo’s rival Bipasha Basu’s beau John Abraham too has managed to get a successful clothing line to work for him for his designer jeans and accessories.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Aishwarya Rai Pregnant?

Is there a Salim on the way? Actress Aishwarya Rai, Jodha Bai of the period epic ‘Jodhaa-Akbar‘, is ‘enjoying the speculation’ about her pregnancy in the media. And she refuses to rise to the bait.

‘If I walk too carefully or if I stand with dupatta draped on one side, the media will be rife with speculation the next day. So I am myself, going along with the flow,’ said the chirpy former Miss World-turned-actress shimmering in a cloud of green chiffon and diamonds.
She was in the capital to unveil a new collection of Nakshatra diamond jewellery, a brand she represents.

She is not even threatened by the return of Madhuri Dixit in ‘Aaja Nachle’. ‘Have you watched ‘Devdas’?’ Aishwarya shot back when asked how did she take the former superstar’s comeback.
Aishwarya is comfortable in her new role.

‘This new phase of my life, as Abhishek’s (Bachchan) wife, has been special. I have another set of parents in Amit (Amitabh Bachchan) and Jayaji. The goodwill of the media and the people in general also has mattered,’ the actress said.
The actress is full of memories of ‘Jodhaa-Akbar’. ‘It is a director’s film all the way. Ashutosh Gowariker is a committed filmmaker and for me it was another project that I enjoyed. The choice was between two films and Ashutosh was undecided which one he would make first. Then he messaged me one day saying will you be my Jodha. I said why not?’ recalls Aishwarya.
There is no special connect on the part of Aishwarya with Jodha Bai, emperor Akbar’s favourite Hindu queen, whose identity is still a mystery.

‘Ashutosh is not here to give a lesson in history. He just made a movie on the moving love story between Jalaluddin Akbar and Jodha Bai. It is an inspiring story. They were two people, who had an arranged inter-religion marriage despite the fact that they came from different backgrounds,’ she clarified.

The only aspect of Jodha Bai the actress identifies with is her ’silence’. ‘She made her presence felt through her silence and spoke only when she wanted to make herself heard,’ Aishwarya said.
Speaking about love for diamonds and accessories, she said: ‘Diamonds were to a woman what cars were to men.’

I Don’t Mind Shedding Off My Clothes: Neha

Actress Neha Dhupia, who is playing the role of a underworld don’s muse in her upcoming movie ‘Mithya’, says she is open to ’shedding off’ her clothes if the role demands so. “I don’t mind shedding off my clothes, if a character demands me to do so. If the role justifies it, definitely I am going to take it off.”

Neha, off late, has been playing a lot of de-glamorised roles but that doesn’t damper her spirit to be bold. “I don’t know how people have perceived it in India, but in places like Brazil or US, it is relative. Skin show or even the slightest exposure, if not portrayed with heart, may send the wrong signal,” she adds. The actress, who is popularly known as ‘Chhotu’ among her friends, is all upbeat about her soon to be released movie ‘Mithya’ also starring actors Naseeruddin Shah, Ranveer Shorey and Vinay Pathak and is in all praise for their acting.

“It was a great experience working with such wonderful actors from whom I have learned a lot. They have all given a power packed performance in the movie in which I am playing a muse ‘Sonam’ of the underworld don Ranvir Shorey.” Neha, who came into limelight with her controversial statement that “Only sex and Shahrukh sell in Bollywood’ still abides by
it though she feels that good script and acting also make head turns.

“Today, good script and acting sells and not just sex alone. I still abide by my earlier statement. After Julie’s success, several other sex-based films were made but none of them did well because audience was fed up with it,” says the young actress.

Drive Your Car on Water

Cars are something that people usually need and want continuously. Although the whole point of a vehicle would be to allow easier transportation, it has now become one of the luxurious thing that we often desire. Cars are great, taking us from place to place in short amount of time, along with all sorts of entertainment that you can get with it. Have you ever seen an open water and wanted to jump out there with your car? Here’s a solution, the Amphibious Car, which came from the saying that it’s like the amphibians, allows you to travel on land and water at same time!

Take a look at the above picture which demonstrates the performance of an Amphibious Car.

Made in Switzerland

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Prashant Tamang - Never a good singer.

We definitely should salute for making Nepal proud winning the Indian Idol. There's no second statement on that. But everyone knows Prashant was never a good singer. He won because he had a nepali heart.

To give an information, crores of nepali currency went to india for voting him. Nepalese abroad donated a huge amount to make him the Indian Idol winner. At least, Twenty Crore Nepali Rupees was spend to make him the winner. But do he deserve that. With my Nepali heart even my answer is HELL YES ! but as a singer he's definitely not that capable, and we'll be seeing that in future.

Nationality is a one time fever in a country like Nepal. Good vocal, good music sells forever. Lets hope his vocals and his career turns out to be what the Nepali people have put him upto.

Beside Prashant, will Nepali be spending 20 crore rupees every year to make a nepali win a cometition, or use such amount in the country for its development ? Please let us have a comment on it.

Nepali Music Company gets back DO NOT BUY ORGINAL CASSETTES & CDs

At present, where Nepali music is sufferring a lot due to piracy, all nepali music industries are shouting out loud, "STOP PIRACY". But the listeners have few words to give them back.

Nepali pop and rock music industry is well-known as industry full of Copycats round the globle. With establish singers to newcomers stealing compositions, arrangements, songs etc. it definitely has made it worst to themselves.

Listeners now are aware of quality and originality, so before say stop piracy to the listeners, artists and music companies should be aware about the piracy in music.

How can Adrian Pradhan expect listeners to buy his CDs putting his vocals in Santana's Song, "Maria Maria"?
How can Dibya Subba be a star coping a philipino song?
How can Jabek expect to earn stealing Enrique's song?
They aren't the only copycats, there are lot lot most. almost most of the nepali singers do the same.

On a personal note, I once read an article on a popular website, which was saluting Dibya subba for telling the truth that he had copied the song "Paschatap" from a philipino song. I was surprised.
Lets suppose a thief comes to your home and steals everything. Next month he comes back in the day time and says he stole everything from your house last month. Will you salute him for his honesty? I believe that website's interviewer must be a blind rich donner. LOL

So, at last we, the listeners just have to words for all the nepali pop and rock artists,

Prashant Tamang's Album - Download Now

Use download manager for complete and safe download.

Track 1 : Zindagi Pehele Kabhie

Track 2 : Deewana

Track 3 : Chain Aur Sukoon

Track 4 : Dekha Hai Aise Bhi

Track 5 : Musu Musu

Track 6 : Hoga Tumse Pyara Kaun

Track 7 : Bir Gorkhali

Track 8 : Nepali Ho

Track 9 : Hijo Samma

Track 10 : Zindagi Pehele Kahbie (Video Edit)

Track 11 : Zindagi Pehele Kahbie (Winning Performance)



Babies born without Male

Though Indian television is a big news, it was April 13, 2007 when Scientists on the ability to create sperm from bone marrow cells. Initially performed in men, the technique could potentially be performed in women and lead to a sperm cell made from a woman’s body. You got it right- that cell could then fertilize an egg leading to the first female-female conception in human history.

As a fertility specialist I couldn’t resist this story and wanted to share the reality and the hype. Prof. Karim Nayernia, Professor of Stem Cell Biology at the Instatute of Human Genetics at the Univeristy of Mewcastle on Tyne led the project reported in Biology of Reproduction.

This definitely could be a good news for a common gay societies in the western worlds, but could decrease the value of male in other societies. If given permission, this could led to a no man world in the future. Though other scientists believe it will take about 10 years more for a successful birth.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Kagbeni - Foolish Story Telling !

Highly awaited first nepali high definition movie Kagbeni came out to be a trash. As earlier gussed by many old style nepali film makers, the film turned out as expected. A film made by a music video maker.

The film definitely looked professional, though the director have tried to stick with the viewers with lots of mountains and himalayas.

I personally awaited for the movie really long and paid Rs.500 for the movie, and here's what I saw in the theatre.

Almost half of the movie goes like a documentary, with lots of himalayas and mountains. No story at all till 5 minutes before the interval the story begins. After the interval the story runs like hell, too fast to end up. Do anyone remember, you hardly see himalayas and mountains after the interval.

Though technically the movie seems good, it isn't the only aspect of a movie. Bhusan Dahal needs to work out more for a movie. He seems yet not ready for movie making but thanks to him for taking nepali movie industry to the digital world.

If I am to rate the movie I'll give it 2/10.

Nepali "Kagbeni" and Bollywood Movie "Saawariya" turned about to be the same this year.

Technical Good, Foolish Story Telling !

Though some medias wrote so differently that we had to tell, please go and watch the movie before writing anything about it. Thank You

Preity Zinta - dimples turned wrinkles

The cutie pie of Bollywood, recently turned 33. Can you believe that ?

Born on January 31, 1975 she started her career from telegu films and then came to Bollywood with "Kya Kehena", though her first bollywood release was "Dil Se".

so, preity zinta fans, cheer up ! she's not just ur fav. star, she is now ur auntie too. isn't that kool ?

Aishwarya Rai & Angelina Jolie are Sisters

Top Actors, Aishwarya Rai from Bollywood and Angelina Jolie from Hollywood are believed to be sisters. A scientist recently said that they may have common ancestors.

If a research is to be believed, all people with blue eyes can trace their ancestry back to one person, who probably lived about 10,000 years ago in the Black Sea region.
Scientists studying the genetics of eye colour at the University of Copenhagen found that more than 99.5 per cent of blue-eyed people, who volunteered to have their DNA analysed, have the same tiny mutation in the gene that determines the colour of the iris.
Professor Hans Eiberg of the university said he has analysed the DNA of over 800 people with blue eyes, ranging from fair-skinned, blond-haired Scandinavians to dark-skinned, blue-eyed people living in Turkey and Jordan.

"All of them, apart from possibly one exception, had exactly the same DNA sequence in the region of the OCA2 gene. This indicates very strongly that there must have been a single, common ancestor of all these people," he said.

The study reported in the journal Human Genetics indicates that the mutation originated in just one person who became the ancestor of all subsequent people in the world with blue eyes.
"From this, we can conclude that all blue-eyed individuals are linked to the same ancestor. They have all inherited the same switch at exactly the same spot in their DNA," Professor Eiberg was quoted as saying by The Independent daily.

Even though the scientists are unable to pinpoint the exact date of the mutation, evidence suggests that it probably arose about 10,000 years ago, when there was a rapid expansion of human population in Europe as a result of the spread of agriculture from the Middle East.