Sunday, February 15, 2009

It Was Buddha, Now It's Mt. Everest

It was Lord Buddha's Birthplace, our neighbouring country tried making theirs. And now it's Mount Everest, highest peak of the world.

Nepal has always been known to the world as Lord Buddha's Birthplace and Country of Mount Everest. But with much unbalanced political condition, our neighbouring countries seem to get both of those away from Nepal and into their. A recent bollywood movie, 'Chandni....China' tried proving that Buddha was born in India, even though World Heritage society has already proven that Buddha was born in Nepal at Lumbini. Due to such blunder, this movie was banned in Nepal and the government requested the movie maker to cut that false information on the master print.

Yet, again something same is going on and we aren't aware about it. And this time it's by Google, a very well know internet giant. Google Earth, an application that lets us view the world via satellite have mentioned in their map that world highest peak - Mt. Everest is in China and not in Nepal. "This is something very unexpected by Google", Nepali Internet Users say. Since, there's no one to speak about this blunder, it's still there showing Mount Everest is in China.

Lets unite together and protest against this issue, or in near future, Nepal won't be known as the country of Mount Everest.

jay nepal !

Monday, February 9, 2009

Nepalese Get UK Visa In Hindi - Complete Bias

Recently a group of students we bit depressed for not getting an UK visa. But even more shocking was to read it written in Indian language, "आपको visa नामन्जुर है । "

It happened a month back, when I was there at the UK Visa Application Centre. Being rejected was one bad moment, but more than that was reading in some other country's language. I could see anger inside theam with such in their hands. It was shocking for me too. How can a country like UK be such bias ? I even talked to the centre staffs their. They said they are helpless and can do nothing about.

On the other hand, why is there a UK Visa Application Centre in Nepal if everything is done from India ? Just for nothing ? or anything else ?

I tried to take opinions from most of the students both rejected and those who got a visa approval, and everyone have a same opinion - UK is being completely bias on this matter, and it's just the opposite than what Nepalese have an impression about UK.

So, where's the government ? Is it sleeping ? What actually is Foreign Ministry for then ?
If no government, we - the people of Nepal need to be aware about it.

Say No To UK !

Friday, February 6, 2009

Going Australia Isn't Easy Now

Most students trying to go to Australia are now aware and upset and those who don't will soon know about it. Going to Australia for abroad studies isn't easy as it used to be. And it's what happening to the students who have recently applied.

After the end of the Australian Ambassador's session in Nepal, he have recently moved back. And unfortunately, there has been various changes on the Visa Issue department style of working. Many students who have applied for Australia haven't received their pre-visa even after 80 days of their apply. Nepalese students in Australia are also conveying message to their friends and families in Nepal about their documents re-check and strict various other sectors which is affecting Nepalese students working illegally and even those with the PR.

As per Australian law, if any documents found fake since apply, anyone can be fined and sent back home even he/she is a PR (Permanent Resident) now. This has made many nepalese hopeless espacialy those who went their after fake marriage.

As per now, Australian Ambassy only valids NABIL and SBI Nepal's bank certificates. And no PR points for Hospitality Mangement and Cookery has already been anounced months back.

Beside student's headache, various banks (except NABIL and SBI Nepal) will also suffer, as students will have their first question, "Why an account in their bank and why not in NABIL or SBI Nepal ?"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Nayan By Abhaya n The Steam Injuns - Free Album

badmas gives out a free album - Nayan by Abhaya n The Steam Injuns.

If you loved their 1st album, you may not like this one. Please be aware of that.

Click on the link below to download:

Enjoy and do not forget to thank us if you download it.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Robin Tamang (Robin & The New Revolution), Shame On You !

As over drunk as as street drunkards, Robin Tamang from 'Robin & The New Revolution' band, abused the Chitwan publicly on concert venue yesterday.

A concert was organized in Chitwan by The Creators group in Chitwan at Pokhara Buspark went like hell when, people from the organizing team kicked off a fan trying to climb on the stage. Acting on such unprofessional behaviour by the organising team, fans gave those organisers hell lot of kicks and punches, and also destroyed musical instruments and speakers on the venue. Immediately after which, Robin Tamang who wasn't even able to stand on the stage properly because of alcohol, abused the crowd using words we can't write.

Such abuse to the whole crowd from such a celebrity was shocking. Since, those crowd included lots of female fans (friends, sisters mothers), anger peaked which made organisers to give police protection to all the artists.

Though the event/concert is over, anger is still within the people of Chitwan against Robin for his abuses. There are videos shot by the crowd as a proof of his abuses.

This incident has made a worse impact of musical artists in Chitwan. On the other hand, no fan following from Chitwan for Robin & The New Revolution is for sure. Also there are rumours that every single album by Robin will be pirated so that he won't get a penny for his hardwork ever.

We believe this incident of abusing using all vulgar words known to him to the female fans will be something Robin Tamang will regret his whole life.