Sunday, May 24, 2009

New Government for how long will it last ?

As maoist fell on the minority in the cabinet, Prachanda was literally forced to resign as a Prime Minister. Now with selection as Madhav Nepal as a new prime minister to lead the new government, people of Nepal again have a question in their mind - How long will this Government last ?

Government lead by the Maoist party or say Puspa Kamal Dahal couldn't last no due to their jungli manner. Whatever they did as prime ministers were like foolish business or selfish deeds. Nor their terrorist like activities were even decreased. So, how couldn't the government last ? No way.

But also, even the Communist party of Madhav Nepal (New Prime Minister) were responsible for every government deed as they are also in the government. They also have formed Youth Force, group of youths to use for power (through terrorist like activities).

So, will this new government lead by Madhav Nepal give a relief to the Nepalese people ? Will the people able to live better life ? Will this government be able to bring a smile of a Nepali face ?

If not then, how long will this government last ?


आकार said...

आशा गरौँ केही राम्रै हुन्छ, नेपाल मा 'नेपाल' आइपुगेका छौँ । अनि नेपाल लाई हरुवा, फेल भन्नु जरुरी छैन । कारण, त्याँ सभासद मनोनित गर्ने प्रचण्ड थिए, फेरि उनलाई संविधान निर्माण को अध्यक्ष नि उसैलाई चुनियो भने, अहिले प्रधानमन्त्रि चुन्न नहुने केहि छैन !

Anonymous said...

nobody pushed PUSPAY aka. PRACHANDA CHOR .. to quit. He knew before only that he cannot run the government.. so he ran himself.. We all know that.. all nepalese know that.. He just needed an excuse so the brought the CoAS Rupmangat Katuwal in between.
talking about Madhavey..
He Won't Fulfill Either.. He is also a crap.. forgot about tanakpur... he sold the whole tanakpur to india..he is no good either.. and before their party's government lasted for 9 months.. like Maoists.. and even now i can be sure that it won't last a day longer than 9 months..
I think nepalese should have a voting for PM's just for 9 months.. not for 4/5 years.. because no matter who comes.. its not gonna last longer..