Saturday, March 1, 2008

Shanti Mela Turned Out To Be Ashanti Ko Vela

Though few days later a peace musical gathering was held in Narayangarh at Campachour yesterday. Proving itself less college and more an event management company, Balkumari College organised the two days event with folk, pop and rock musical bands.

But as its name, the event went just the opposite. On the second/final day of the event, with the start of Cobweb band's performance, fights went on between boys gathered there in various place, and the organisers were hardly able to stop them. Though whole college family were there including various students leaders, the fight went long in the peace fest.

An hour before the end of the event, I could see few buddhist monks coming inside the venue in the "Shanti Mela"; and few minutes later they were gone. And I was no surprised.

Officially closing the ceremony, the Princial of the Balkumari College announced that the college will be organising such events in the future also. Surprised ?

We do need to know, though Loktantra is now in the country, but College aren't established to organising events or so on. And Mr. Shrestha you do need to realize, various fights in the venue shows whether it was a successful event or not. Collecting money in the name of peace is a shame, and yet fights added is ...

Lets banned such events.

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