Friday, March 14, 2008

Nepali FM Stations Murdered Nepali Music Artists !

In last few years, with budding of various FM Stations in the country, music piracy is reaching to its highest level in double speed. Killing of Nepali Music Artists has just begun, and yet it seems to go for more in the coming days. Music piracy is what everyone's talking about and it’s what the reason behind. Music Piracy includes copying audio songs from an audio CD or a cassette to any format is piracy, which includes copying to MP3/MP4 Players, Computers, and Blank CD/DVDs, unless you bought the original CD/Cassette. On the other hand, sharing those songs to anyone is simply PIRACY even if you have bought the original.

Though FM Stations are the one to promote music, it’s a bitter truth that FM Stations are up ahead in Music Piracy. Most of the FM Stations, store music in MP3 format which is simply illegal; in a sense that, no Nepali albums have been released till date in this format and songs in MP3 formats aren’t yet legally sold in Nepal. In most of the cases, MP3s are shared by the staffs and owners of the FM Stations to their relatives and friends; that’s how piracy begins.

Secondly, FM Stations do not buy English and Indian Audio CDs to play but download from the internet, which clearly shows FM Stations, are fully supporting Music Piracy. If they are not willing to pay for Indian and English audio CDs, why would they be willing to pay for the Nepali ones? It’s crystal clear that for most of the FM station in the country, what matters is MONEY, and music piracy is what really helps.

Thirdly, broadcasting materials owned by others is illegal. It’s what THIEF does. Alike, FM Stations are playing songs without paying a paisa to the artists. Even single play of any artist’s song owes him/her royalty for making listeners tune to any FM station. Will there be any FM listeners without music? If no, then why are the FM stations killing music artists.

Lastly, an effort against music piracy should begin from the FM stations, treating music from round the globe equally. If we stand against music piracy for Indian and English also in Nepal, we can and will stop Music Piracy in years to come.


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