Monday, April 7, 2008

Election in Nepal Unsuccessful

With just 2 days to the election, a popular astrologer from Nepal claims that there will be no election in Nepal this time. As per the astrology and the positions of planets and other elements, Nepal seems to have no election this time.

Though well promoted by all the parties and representatives in the country, with most of the not willing to accept their lost in the election, Nepalese people have already started worring about the success of the election. Many killings and bombing have taken place in various places in the country and fights between the parties representing in the election have been hot news.

We hope not, but if this election goes unsuccessful, it clearly shows that Nepalese people have to suffer a lot. Lets hope everything yet seen as Nepalese political parties activity don't turn out to be another political drama.

Lets pray for a successful Election this time. Lets hope for the best.

And may the best win !

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