Friday, February 6, 2009

Going Australia Isn't Easy Now

Most students trying to go to Australia are now aware and upset and those who don't will soon know about it. Going to Australia for abroad studies isn't easy as it used to be. And it's what happening to the students who have recently applied.

After the end of the Australian Ambassador's session in Nepal, he have recently moved back. And unfortunately, there has been various changes on the Visa Issue department style of working. Many students who have applied for Australia haven't received their pre-visa even after 80 days of their apply. Nepalese students in Australia are also conveying message to their friends and families in Nepal about their documents re-check and strict various other sectors which is affecting Nepalese students working illegally and even those with the PR.

As per Australian law, if any documents found fake since apply, anyone can be fined and sent back home even he/she is a PR (Permanent Resident) now. This has made many nepalese hopeless espacialy those who went their after fake marriage.

As per now, Australian Ambassy only valids NABIL and SBI Nepal's bank certificates. And no PR points for Hospitality Mangement and Cookery has already been anounced months back.

Beside student's headache, various banks (except NABIL and SBI Nepal) will also suffer, as students will have their first question, "Why an account in their bank and why not in NABIL or SBI Nepal ?"

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Bikran said...

ya even i heard that the high commission is being very strict these days.Many people are getting interviews and whoever fails to satisfy their queries get rejected.Well it is no more easy to go to Australia