Monday, February 9, 2009

Nepalese Get UK Visa In Hindi - Complete Bias

Recently a group of students we bit depressed for not getting an UK visa. But even more shocking was to read it written in Indian language, "आपको visa नामन्जुर है । "

It happened a month back, when I was there at the UK Visa Application Centre. Being rejected was one bad moment, but more than that was reading in some other country's language. I could see anger inside theam with such in their hands. It was shocking for me too. How can a country like UK be such bias ? I even talked to the centre staffs their. They said they are helpless and can do nothing about.

On the other hand, why is there a UK Visa Application Centre in Nepal if everything is done from India ? Just for nothing ? or anything else ?

I tried to take opinions from most of the students both rejected and those who got a visa approval, and everyone have a same opinion - UK is being completely bias on this matter, and it's just the opposite than what Nepalese have an impression about UK.

So, where's the government ? Is it sleeping ? What actually is Foreign Ministry for then ?
If no government, we - the people of Nepal need to be aware about it.

Say No To UK !

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Jeshan said...

Complete domination By Indians....