Friday, February 10, 2012

Akash Adhikari Insults The Capital City of Nepal, Kathmandu

Kathmandu, Capital city of Nepal. Nepalese call it the city of dreams. If you compare it with its area to its growth, it's no different to India's Mumbai or Hong Kong in world's context.

Recently, Akash Adhikari, a Nepali movie actor-director dared to insult Kathmandu. And to everyone's surprise people just walked away and some commented Akash as an educated ga-war. Later media confirmed that all those people who left without commenting were suffering from headache.

One of them told us, "खै, ACको चिसोले हो कि Filmले मेरो पनि एकदम टाउको दुखेको थियो ।"

Yes, we are talking about Kathmandu, the movie, directed and acted as a lead by Akash Adhikari.
When, Kathmandu's trailer 1st came out years back, everyone said it's a crap. Then again later the movie was hyped for its use of RED 4K Cine Camera. So, with mixed expectation people went to theater and came out with a headache.
"If the team were distributing medicine at the theater entrance, it could have done better," - audience.

Doctors have said, unreal social life of high societies, unreal visual fx, useless moral dialogues instead of entertainments and funny accent songs were the main reason of headaches.

Though on an interview with Akash Adhikari, he said his team had warned about the headache with RED sign on the movie poster.

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