Saturday, December 27, 2008

Our Hands Are Not Involved - Maoist

Maoist party has always shouted a lot about various things and done just the opposite. Above all comes their shouting for peace and democracy.

We have been hearing their speeches even before their arrival from the jungle when they were called terrorists groups. They have always said bringing peace to the country is their moto; even at those times when they were the only group against peace. But may be they succeeded to fool the us or we trusted them listening only their words and not looking at their work, they are not the government. Yet things haven't change a bit. So, have the peace arrived in our country ? or does democracy have a different meaning to them ?

It's crystal clear to everyone of us that peace seems impossible in Nepal for now and years to come, with maoist party and their youth leagues broadening their hands in killings, kidnappings, threatenings and so on. And at recent times, they haven't even left the Press who are known as the most respected group in any country.

In the past, involvement on any such crimes has been unseen by the government which has supported those involved to dare much more crimes. But a week, Himal Media incident has a different case. Those involved on that crime has been pointed out by the Press Associations and eye-witnesses. Will the government take action against those criminals ? Everyone's watching.

If it don't, then we should be clear about the maoist government that it's against Democracy and Peace. And we, the people of Nepal know what to do with them.

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Bikran said...

well what to talk about our county our politics . i feel so ashamed and i hardly hope that things would get better.every one has his own excuses and all we could do is listen and be fooled. How pathetic !!