Saturday, December 6, 2008

Who's Bam Dev to obey ?

With new government, came trial of new changes. From shutting down dance bars to stopping Nepalese entrance into casinos to cleaning up footpaths, Bab Dev have tried making changes as per their Naya Nepal slogan. But things aren't as clear as it looks.

Protest were on when dance bars were forced to be shut down. During that time, bar workers protest againsted not just against that decision but also against not providing other optional oppertunities. And they when the casino issue came up, people involved in that sector, spoke out in media about most government officials entrance inside those casinos. Some casino management also blamed Bam Dev asking for few crore rupees to run their casinos as earlier days. Such factual blames have made people easy to undersand Bam Dev's hunger for a change. And this has effected the clean up process of the footpaths directly.

Footpaths were seen clean for few days in the beginning. But now it is again changed to as it was ealier. When we asked the footpath business people, they say : "Who's Bam Dev to obey ?"

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