Thursday, January 22, 2009

Chandni Chowk to China Giving False Information on Lord Gautam Buddha's Birthplace - Protests Are On

Nepal has always been innocent and helpful since its beginning. May be its one beautiful reason, why our giant neighbouring country, India sometimes claims it as its part and sometimes its places are theirs. Also in practical, they are in real confiscating nepali land from Susta border side. May be they seems to believe our innoncense as stupidity. And sometime alike has now been done onto an international level. It's a bollywood way.

Chandni Chowk To China, a bollywood movie starring Akshya kumar just did that. In that movie Lord Gautam Buddha is said to be born in India, which an extreme false information. Such false information to the world through bollywood movie has made nepalese people think, "Enough Is Enough".

This shocking false information on Lord Buddha's birthplace has brought anger in Nepal towards india and indian movies. Protest is on against Chandni Chowk To China all over Nepal and also social network websites like Facebook. And it will continue till the Warner Bros apologize on this matter.

About Gautam Buddha's Birthplace.

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Morten said...

I agree that India perhaps doesn't always regard Nepal as more than a buffer zone to China. But I wouldn't blame the whole India on what is said in one movie. Nepalis make the same mistake of claiming Buddha was born in Nepal. He was born in the kingdom of Kapilvastu, what is now Nepal, due to conquests that were all but "innocent", as you say.

Best, Morten