Friday, January 9, 2009

Chiitwan Mahotsav - Horrible & Shocking

I have always heard about 'Chitwan Mahotsav', so-called a grand event held in Chitwan every two years. Since, I always prefer to write on any matter only after getting a complete information, I moved to Chitwan yesterday. And the event is on from today. But I am quite surprised being here.

Though it's an event organised by Bharatpur Municipality and Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chitwan; it is a pure profit motive event for them only. Even the smallest stall here costs Rs.10,000 and there are more than 300 stalls costing highest of around lakh rupees. So, where do the income goes ? The organisers tried convicing us saying it's an event to promote various sectors and businesses. Yes, we are convinced about it, but what about the income ? They aren't donating a single rupee to anyone needy or any organisation. Instead, as per the local people, every year after the event, organiser's building is expanded to its next level. For your kind information, once a single storage small building, now stands tall with great design.

On the other hand, today when I was on the road to see the Mahotsav Rally (which they call सोभा यात्रा), I was so surprised to see those organisers cruelty on childrens. On this matter to a local said, "Participation on this rally is not even a quater than previous year, because are now aware that Chitwan Mahotsav is a total profit motive event by NCCI (Nepal Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chitwan) and won't do anything to them." And like I said it was quite horrible on the other way. How can those organisers ask small school students to participate on their rally and make them walk kilometers on such cold, just to make their event look huge? It was even shocking to few of them fainting on the road. God, how cruel can man be? Does a event become a grand festival if 7 to 9 years old students are made to march kilometers? It seems like Chitwan is helpless in front of the NCCI.

Is anybody watching? Are you just enjoying those marching on road for hours? Can't you feel those small children's suffering? While watching such, can't you take a look at yourself and see - you are wearing sweaters and jackets, and they are on thin shirts, skirts and pants ? Is this how people of Chitwan and the country? If yest, then please mind your eyes.

Also, locals are suffering from hours of traffic jams due to such rally, and they think the organisers should stop such rally.

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Bikran said...

Its so sad to know about this .. I have never been to this mahotsav myself .. but i guess everywhere it works like this .. I wonder when would people learn to do something not for the sake of personal profits only!!