Monday, January 19, 2009

This is Naya Nepal - targeting 24hrs of loadshedding

With already 16 hours of loadshedding everyday, Nepal is reaching its goal of 24 hrs. The elected government made up of maoists as the highest numerically is making things worst ever. Anything hardly seem to be even as earlier days. From eletricity to trashes everywhere in the country to crime; everything is boosting up. Is this what we, the nepali people expected before voting these maoists shits? Hope people won't repeat such blunder again in the up coming election.

Nepali people please use your brain from now and not your kidney while voting next time.

jay nepal

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उजेली said...

I too dont like the way of Maoists but plz be updated with the news. Load Shedding time wont be extended from 16 hrs. NEC power director spoke 3 days before. Instead the hours are decreasing due to electricity cut offs in VIP area !! plz write the things that have positive impact dont just try to spread negataive rumors !!!