Thursday, November 27, 2008

Peace Impossible Without YCL - Prime Minister

A month back, when the YCL issue was to be addressed by the Prime Minister - Prachanda, he clearly said that peace wouldn't have come in Nepal if there were no YCL. So, shouldn't just break it down." It was a shocking address by Prachanda in the cabinet and people even thought of a better change in the YCL. But it is now much worst.

15-year olds Ritesh Rauniyar and Ashish Manandhar disappeared on November 15. Actually, there were kidnapped by the YCLs as per those who saw the incident live. Their family were made helpless by the police also because of the incident was done by YCLs, a government running maoist party followers. Yesterday- Nov 26, their dead bodies were recovered from a jungle in Gumalchowki, Thankot. And the so-called police force are still acting like statues.

Is this what maoist government and police force under them is all about. ? Is this what YCL will be doing forever ? If it is, we, the people won't just sit and watch. And maoist leaders beware, "We the people are the one who brought you where you are now, and we have the power to throw you people out from there into a shit.

And YCLs, enough is enough. Don't take our patience as fear.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know if YCL are behind this incident - but I just wonder what sort of people we Nepali are turning into!

How come people are so ruthless and completely devoid of any emotion, love and kindliness!!