Friday, August 1, 2008

Yamaha R1 150cc - गरिहाल्यो नि advance booking !

One of the most awaited bikes in Nepal, Yamaha R15 finally hits the market. Before this, Yamaha R1 was showcased round the country, and dealers were conveying message that Yamaha R15 150cc will be a R1 replica. Giving a glance at the 1000cc, thousands of nepali mostly teenagers advanced booked the R1 150. But now they have realized that it was their foolishness.
Yamaha R15 turned out to be far worse than expected. Such bikes here in Nepal are called Fuchche Bike - Smaller in Height, Smaller in Length. Many of them who have booked earlier for it are regreting and are not willing to buy it. This may cost them few thousand rupees but they are willing to give up.

Here's a closer look on the Yamaha R15:

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Anonymous said...

I think people who are gonna bike this bike probably knows and respect the Motogp M1 bike and it's name and heritage is just enough and since the yamaha is leading the motogp all classifications who wouldn't want to buy it even though it is bit smaller in size it is well worth it for sure. if poeple in nepal are calling it phuche then they are not respecting the 6-speed oil cooled machine which deserves some respect as M1