Wednesday, August 13, 2008

ग्राहक ठगी योजना

The black market thing is running huge in Nepal, but no government seems seeing it at all. Most of all sectors have been affected from fuel to foods to daily consumed products to NOW Mobile Re-Charge Cards.

On every mobile recharge cards its Retail price is written. As in Rs.50 MeroMobile Recharge Card its retail price is written as Rs.51. But we, the consumers are made to pay Rs.55. What is consumers associations or other government people doing? Are they blind or dead? Or are such illegal stuffs going to stay longer in Nepal?

Now consumers need to be aware of the fact that getting anything at its final Retail Price is their right. And those buyers also need to know that selling products on higher price is illegal and can take them to JAIL.

When are the government bodies going to wake up?

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