Friday, August 8, 2008

Protest Against Miss Nepal - But why?

It was quiet surprising news to hear that Miss Nepal event couldn't take place as announced by the organisers, The Hidden Treasure. It was due to a very simple reason, because of the protestors ready to shut it down if it happened. As per the protestors, such events shouldn't be organised in Nepal because of its vulgarity, its against our social issues and various other factors.
But we have something to say to them, If you call Miss Nepal a vulgar event, what to you call semi-nude modellings in various top nepali websites? Aren't they vulgar? Aren't they against their social factors? Where are you people when so called nepali models are posing almost nude in various popular nepali websites like,,, and more? Why don't try stop such vulgarity first?

We bet Miss Nepal has never been an event with models of 2 piece swimsuits like those in websites? So, why are protestors against it? If you think Miss Nepal should be banned, protest against website with so called models posing semi-nude first.

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