Thursday, August 7, 2008

How to Tell a Girl You Love Her Anonymously

Do you want to tell a girl your feelings, but not want her to know it's you? Here's what to do.


  • Send her some flowers, or a stuffed animal with a note or card, reading something along the lines of, "From your secret admirer," or, "You are always beautiful." If it sounds too cheesy to you, you get the point; just be sweet.
  • Use your talents to your advantage. If you're an artist, paint her a little keepsake, to secretly put somewhere, where she is sure to find it.
  • Put a note in her locker, etc., telling her to listen to a certain radio station, and about what time to listen. call the radio station and request a song for her, from you, the anonymous guy that loves her.
  • Write her a poem, or a heartfelt love letter. You can also sneak ways to say "Happy Birthday," or "Congratulations," or whatever occasion you wish to celebrate, to let her know you care. Drop it into her locker, or on her desk, or wherever you are.


  • After a while, if not right away, she is going to become very curious as to who her secret admirer is. So, you may have to come clean, especially if you want to have a relationship with her.
  • Don't overdo it. One or two letters or gifts (nothing too extravagant either) are more than enough. If you overdo it, rather than being curious the object of your affections is likely to become creeped out.


  • Stalking is never good, if she catches you stalking her, you will ruin any relationship that you may have had with her. You might even wind up in jail if you do this frequently.
  • Make sure that the reason you're keeping your affections anonymous is because you want to be coy and playful and not because you think she wouldn't be interested. If you think the latter is more likely, then you should under no circumstances attempt to win her over this way. You are probably right, that she wouldn't like you anyway, and you should instead try to become friends with her with the intention of parlaying that into a future relationship.

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