Friday, February 1, 2008

Kagbeni - Foolish Story Telling !

Highly awaited first nepali high definition movie Kagbeni came out to be a trash. As earlier gussed by many old style nepali film makers, the film turned out as expected. A film made by a music video maker.

The film definitely looked professional, though the director have tried to stick with the viewers with lots of mountains and himalayas.

I personally awaited for the movie really long and paid Rs.500 for the movie, and here's what I saw in the theatre.

Almost half of the movie goes like a documentary, with lots of himalayas and mountains. No story at all till 5 minutes before the interval the story begins. After the interval the story runs like hell, too fast to end up. Do anyone remember, you hardly see himalayas and mountains after the interval.

Though technically the movie seems good, it isn't the only aspect of a movie. Bhusan Dahal needs to work out more for a movie. He seems yet not ready for movie making but thanks to him for taking nepali movie industry to the digital world.

If I am to rate the movie I'll give it 2/10.

Nepali "Kagbeni" and Bollywood Movie "Saawariya" turned about to be the same this year.

Technical Good, Foolish Story Telling !

Though some medias wrote so differently that we had to tell, please go and watch the movie before writing anything about it. Thank You

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krishna said...

Can this movie kagbeni be posted online for the people like us who stay out of Nepal..........