Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Nepali Topless Models Rocks !

Alike Nepali music industry isn't able to make any progress yet started more that a decade back. Even the modelling industry are slowing down. Though it seems rising real high, the modelling industry is turning itself into a trash.

With no serious and untrained models over the country and various websites runned by the youngsters focusing on female models' body only, it seems there's no future in the Nepalese Modelling industry. With such websites and their focus, almost topless or almost nude models are stars, whereas trained ones are laid back.

If such trend continues, there'll be no Nepali Models in future or Nepali Modelling field will be synomyned by Porn Modelling Field.


nepali-models said...

Yea I'm also agreeing with you, there are not such girls who have dedication to be a good model. The industry goes downwards and now it only becomes the ‘show me the body’ type modeling. What a bullshit stuff!!!

kiran said...

Yeh i saw many of those so called models are sameless and we don't think any nice model in a sense that prepared to be a model should be nude. tha way they are showing their body looks they are advertising their body for higher amount that they are currently making. there are very few female models in nepal that they are doing modeling but rest of them who is appearing in the so many websites or in news media are just increasing their rates for the nights only. or else what the hell to be nude?