Saturday, February 2, 2008

Nepali Music Company gets back DO NOT BUY ORGINAL CASSETTES & CDs

At present, where Nepali music is sufferring a lot due to piracy, all nepali music industries are shouting out loud, "STOP PIRACY". But the listeners have few words to give them back.

Nepali pop and rock music industry is well-known as industry full of Copycats round the globle. With establish singers to newcomers stealing compositions, arrangements, songs etc. it definitely has made it worst to themselves.

Listeners now are aware of quality and originality, so before say stop piracy to the listeners, artists and music companies should be aware about the piracy in music.

How can Adrian Pradhan expect listeners to buy his CDs putting his vocals in Santana's Song, "Maria Maria"?
How can Dibya Subba be a star coping a philipino song?
How can Jabek expect to earn stealing Enrique's song?
They aren't the only copycats, there are lot lot most. almost most of the nepali singers do the same.

On a personal note, I once read an article on a popular website, which was saluting Dibya subba for telling the truth that he had copied the song "Paschatap" from a philipino song. I was surprised.
Lets suppose a thief comes to your home and steals everything. Next month he comes back in the day time and says he stole everything from your house last month. Will you salute him for his honesty? I believe that website's interviewer must be a blind rich donner. LOL

So, at last we, the listeners just have to words for all the nepali pop and rock artists,

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