Saturday, February 2, 2008

Prashant Tamang - Never a good singer.

We definitely should salute for making Nepal proud winning the Indian Idol. There's no second statement on that. But everyone knows Prashant was never a good singer. He won because he had a nepali heart.

To give an information, crores of nepali currency went to india for voting him. Nepalese abroad donated a huge amount to make him the Indian Idol winner. At least, Twenty Crore Nepali Rupees was spend to make him the winner. But do he deserve that. With my Nepali heart even my answer is HELL YES ! but as a singer he's definitely not that capable, and we'll be seeing that in future.

Nationality is a one time fever in a country like Nepal. Good vocal, good music sells forever. Lets hope his vocals and his career turns out to be what the Nepali people have put him upto.

Beside Prashant, will Nepali be spending 20 crore rupees every year to make a nepali win a cometition, or use such amount in the country for its development ? Please let us have a comment on it.

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