Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fooling Nepali Again - It was Prashant, now its Prakriti Giri.

Though a matter of pride and joy for the country, Prashant Tamang being the Indian Idol3 Winner cost the country about 20 Crore Rupees minimum. And likewise, the next game has almost begun. It was Sony Television's Indian Idol and now its Star Plus' Voice of India: Chhote Ustad. Another Nepali girl is up on the stage to make the country proud, and she is non other than PRAKRITI GIRI. In other words, this is was Nepalese round the globe think. On a serious note, Prashant Tamang and her are almost of a same level as singing is concerned, which on the other hand also means she isn't the best in the competition. To no surpise, she got illiminated last friday. But she'll be definitely be back again in the competition, and that's when the game begins.

Whole world know, how much money Nepalese had thrown for making Prashant Tamang an Indian Idol. Same is expected with PRAKRITI GIRI. But yet people need to think about such huge donation and also that is the money paying something back to that little girl. Did that last 20 Crore Rupees went to Prashant's pocket.

Time has come to re-think about it. Why not collect money for PRAKRITI GIRI, instead of voting or throwing money to Indian Television Company? If a Crore Rupees can come up with more than 10 albums of Prakriti Giri with promotion worldwide, why not do it that way? Has Prashant Tamang been given oppertunities in the Indian Music Industry? Has he been able to secure his future just winning the title? Instead of voting, if 20 Crore was donated to him for his albums and living, he would have been a real Idol for Nepal. So, please think twice this time.

Lets collect money for Prakriti Giri and donate for her musical career, because winning in life matters more than just a competition.

Jai Nepal.

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