Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Shadows' ass kicked. Bassist goes SOLO !

After their new vocalist and their second album, "Hidne Manchhe Ladchha", The Shadows Band reached the top of the Nepali music industry as Nepal's first real Rockstars. Their songs: Hidne Manchhe Ladchha, Prakriti, Dharma rocked the nation. But few months back the Lead Guitarist: Prakash Rasaili and Bassist: Amit Pradhan left the band and went abroad.

With three of the members left in the country, its hard time recording for their 3rd Album. Two new members who were in an underground band have recently joined the band, don't seem to connect well with their alternative rock music.

On the other band, Ex-Bassist Amit Pradhan in Australia is working on his Solo Album. More than half of his songs has been posted in his HI5 profile and recording session videos in YOUTUBE. Listening his tracks, it seems like he was the one band behind the success of The Shadows.

Note: We are posting his song and videos soon ! So Keep Patience

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Anonymous said...

The news is completely wrong. yes, bassist Amit and the lead guitarist Prakash are working together in music Australia but they are actually leading the band "THE SHADOWS" and still working on it being the founder of the band.information about composition is true but they are joint effort for the band not for solo album. thanks