Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kidney Mafia Arrested - Game Self-Planned

The indian doctor, Amit Kumar involved in the kidney mafia business, got arrested in Nepal, from Sauraha. Though various indian media shouted as if its was their deed, but it was a well-planned game by Dr. Amit himself.

Nepal has always been the place for underground stay, due to weak security reasons. Various Gangsters and Mafia Leaders have been here to hide themselves for years. Though few of them caught, more of them are still enjoying their years long luxurious vacations.

Same was the case with Dr. Amit. After knowing that the Indian Police is in search of him, he flew to Nepal for a safer stay. On the other hand, it was easy for him to go abroad (Canada) from here. He stayed for few days in Kathmandu (Capital City of Nepal) as tourist, so that on one could suspect. Then he flew to Sauraha (Famous Tourist Destination of Nepal), to exchange foreign currencies. During his stay there, local police caught him with the help of Interpoll information. Seems an easy game over for the cops.

But some questions give different statements about it.Why would he keep foreign currencies, knowing the interpoll is after him, and its illegal in Nepal?

Couldn't the story be like this:

He was informed earlier that Indian Police is after him. So, he consulted with his lawyer about the situation. His lawyer suggested him to flew to Nepal, which is a free-border country to India; and also suggested for a crime which would look like an unknowingly done mistake, and which could imprision him for about 5 to 6 months in Nepal. As such crime, carrying foreign currencies was the best match. After getting himself arrested, information about trying to bribe the police was also a preplanned stuff. Lastly, the game was almost over as planned. But his worst luck, Nepal didn't take action for the crime he did in Nepal and game him to the Indian Police.

We salute Nepali Police, Indian Police and the Interpoll for such co-ordination.

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