Monday, July 21, 2008

Active Mega Model - model nai ho ra?

Active Mega Model has been going on for a month or more in Image Channels, yet the viewers are confused about the programme. Is it really a Mega Model Competition???
With most girls in the competition having no knowledge of the dressing sense, not even a basic makeup idea; its seems like Image Channels picked up girls from rural areas to make them come on TV. Don't Nepal really have any smarter girls than those on TV? Of Course NOT !

Week back, when Mrs. Rana the makeup artist and the judge of the competition did makeup on all the girls, 10 out 12 girls look worst than the normally look. As a student of Makeup & Hairstyle myself, I felt that Mrs. Rana herself need to learn more about what makeup and hair styling it all about. And this week even the photoshoot looked quiet funny. Is that what you call a professional photoshoot. We have heard a lot of Mr. Raj Bhai Suwal, but his work on the photoshoot wasn't even good enough. Lets hope the final output of the ACTIVE MEGA MODEL CALENDAR comes out well.
And a reminder, a month back when judges were giving suggestions to the participants, Mr. Suwal said something like this,"Most models get confused, where to put their hands during a photoshoot. In such case, you need to do like this." When he posed hiself, it wasn't good at all and was funny enough to make all my friends and family members laugh.

We hope the competition brings a change in every gal and the winner becomes a true ACTIVE MEGA MODEL.
Best Of LUCK !

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Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you! What about the orgasmis so-called Fashion Designer?Also,Mrs Rana's make-up made the models look like they were preparing for a photoshoot for 'Pirates of the Caribbean'! I wish atleast the judges could speak proper English.I think they made bigger fools of themselves!