Thursday, July 24, 2008

iPHONE Soon To Hit Nepalese Market at Cheapest Price

Since the first day of its launch, iPHONE has been the king of cell phones. The creator of iPHONE, APPLE started joining hands with AT&T the American Telecom, and allowing only AT&T users to use the iPHONE. And till today few hundred cell phone networks around the world works with iPHONE, and India is soon joining the group. Vodafone a mulitnational telecom company is now giving this beauty on their users hand. Its no unusual news to hear iPHONE coming to India, since it's an emerging super power. But will iPHONE get into Nepalese hand ?
And the answer is OF COURSE, YES !

iPHONE has been unlocked. Now, with an iPHONE Unlock Software, iPHONE bought from any country can work with any Nepali Telecom SIM.

At present, the price of iPHONE is $199.00 in USA, which is almost equivalent to NC Rs. 13930.00. Since, iPHONE is manufactured in China, which is luckly our neighbouring country, it will be available in Nepal is much cheaper price.



Anonymous said...

You are stupid to thinkt that I phone will be cheap in Nepal. Yes, it is true that I phone costs $199.99 in the US but that price is subsidized by AT&T. If you are thinking that you will get it for less than $199.99 in Nepal, you are a fool because right now on ebay, an unlocked Iphone, costs around $650 min!!!

officialstupid said...

yes its true but if u need to cheep one get one AT&T iphone and ask me to unlock your iphone more i ll put every thing free(game and application) of cost.