Thursday, July 24, 2008

Maoists & Jungle Again? No Way cuz PAZERO & PRADO can't

Both candidates supported by the maoists for Nepal's First President and Vise-President fell on the ditch. And with this, people have started saying that Maoists will get dumped in few years. On the other hand, there are rumours that Maoists can again go back to jungle and start war. But we think, "NO WAY !"
Most of the maoist leaders are now living in Kathmandu, the Capital City. And 5 star facilities have been their addicted habits. Riding expensive cars like Pazero and Prado has now been their daily routine. Even few maoist ministers who have resign their post are still on the government vehicles and getting salary for those post.It clearly seems playing a politician is billion times refreshing than underground.
Even if they plan going back to jungle, their final decisions would be,"No Way" because in the jungle roads aren't good enough for Pazero and Prado. And For maoist leaders who are health concious, good food and other 5 star facilities will not be available in the JUngle.
On a funny note: Wild animals in Nepal are organising dance parties everyday and the President of the Republic of Wild Life Nepal, Singha Raj (Lion King) have announced that their will be such parties for ever. On their 4th Republic Day, he thanked Girija Babu for making maoist leaders addict to 5 star facilities and Pazero/Prado
Hurray !

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