Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sprite Band challenge - No Band Competition

For few years now, Nepali people are taking music much seriously in a way. With such interest by all generations, Music Institutions are making a huge money. But with more and more institutions budding and students seem playing good, its killing Nepali Music anyway again.
Seem playing playing don't mean they play good, as playing music isn't all about playing faster,clear and with some techniques. It's lot more than that. A quote,"Work is Workship", seriously suits the music field. We can't be good at it in few months or a year. It takes at least a decade and serious time on it within that period to play a good music.
A trend has been set these days, esp. in Kathmandu; people take music classes in institutions and six months later they feel like they are really good, though they sound Really BAD. And same goes with the SPRITE BAND CHALLENGE. No band in the competition seem have devoted their time on the music. They seem coming straight from their music institution after their six months class. Though they say they have been playing for last 8-10 years, but more than their words, their music speaks for it.
In the BAND CHALLENGE, during the TOP6 when they came with their own compositions, thousands of SPRITE BAND CHALLENGE viewers and even more people who appreciate good music said they have just two words for them, "YOU SUCK!"I personally felt no other comment could have been better. Even teen brothers here in my place compose far far better than them man!
So, to all such bands and those wannabe ROCK BANDS,If you think learning music in an institution for a year or more can make up a rock star, then you are fooling yourself and on the other hand, it's also helping to kill nepali music. So, please try some other career.
And last but not the least, about the judges of SPRITE BAND CHALLENGE:Manoj and Robin aren't fit on the seat, as good music is good composition at first, then comes playing or singing it well. And the we haven't yet heard any of Manoj or Robin's composition, or lets say a good composition.About Mr. Rana, Hats off to you sir, we know who you are and what you are as a musician. You are a pride to Nepali Music.
To conclude, SPRITE BAND CHALLENGE competitors are fools coming straight from their music classrooms with no music in their heart. So, we can't call it a BAND COMPETITION.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, they preety much sucks! Most of all I pitty on Bequeath or whatever, the guy can hardly sing and he is in a competition huh! Tell him to sing in his own bathroom and their composition, it was a nightmare who the F--- voted for them?