Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Yamaha Calendar 2065 - a dirty fraud game

Recently, Yamaha Calendar 2065 came out in the nepali market with great hipe. So, called Nepal's first celebrity calendar though it doing great amongst nepali high-class people, with less clothes and more exposed girls; rumours were out that those celebrities on the calander posed for FREE or in other way, the photorapher Rajiv Shrestha fooled them and made the pose for absolute FREE. So, we tried to find out about the matter and the final result is quiet disturbing.

Here's what Usha Poudel, the ASADH girl have to say:
On Saturday, May 24, City Post featured a full page article on photo journalist Rajiv Shrestha's calendar launch (Yamaha Glam Calendar 2065), the first Nepali calendar that featured twelve stunning actresses of Kollywood. But, in no time, Rajiv's date-book got into controversies when actresses Richa Ghimire, Usha Poudel and Sanchita Luitel together raised their voice to say Rajiv cheated them. But how? We contacted the actresses who complained and the man behind the calendar along with one more actress who was also featured. And this was what they had to say.Rajiv Dai told me that he needed our pictures for his website. I happily said okay. Then he invited me to the launching of the calendar. I was in a shooting. Still, I managed to reach in time. To my great shock, I saw a very big Yamaha motorcycle [It was a Yamaha R1, 1,000cc] on display right in front of the entrance. I was wondering why it was there when the event was just a calendar launch. I slowly started understanding things. I went home carrying the calendar. Soon my parents and friends started asking how much did I get paid for modeling for Yamaha. Then I got the clear picture. So it's simple: because they put us in their advertisements, we want our incentives. It was purely promoting a branded company and demeaning and humiliating Nepali actors. It's a slap on the face of the entire film industry. We're not protesting for money, we're protesting for our rights. Rajiv Shrestha fooled us for money. If we shut our mouths, we may someday be featured on chocolate wrappers, biscuits and Horlicks, too.

Richa Ghimire, Actor (The Mangsir Model) has to say:
Two months ago, Rajiv Dai asked me to do a photo shoot for him. I accepted his offer because we have had good professional relations. But he advertised me and other actresses for peanuts. He needs to provide us compensation. We did that photo shoot for him and for his website netnasha.com and not for any multinational motorbike company. During the launching, I didn't recognize that point properly. But once I went home and looked at the calendar carefully, I realized how he has made us scapegoats by putting us in an advertisement of Yamaha motorcycles for free. I immediately called him for clarification. He naively told me that Yamaha just sponsored the event. But I'm not that foolish to buy all his crap. Had Yamaha “just” sponsored the calendar, why put pictures of different Yamaha bike models along with the pictures of actresses? It doesn't end here, however. If you look at the calendar carefully, you can see the master plan behind it. The color of the dress we're posing in the calendar and the color of the bikes that is displayed along are similar. Wait! There's more: Recently, there were advertisements of Yamaha motorbikes in newspapers that say “buy any model of Yamaha two-wheelers and get a free copy of Yamaha Glam Calendar 2065”. Is that what he calls just sponsoring an event? That's doing cheap marketing of us. This is no personal war. We three actresses have dared to raise our voices against a forgery and against a social crime. Advocate Sapana Malla Pradhan (she's now a women's rights activist) has promised to help us by all means. We've demanded a compensation of Rs 500,000 each. If Rajiv doesn't settle the matter soon, we'll knock at the court's door. In a way, this was all about humiliating Nepali actresses. I can't tolerate that. Collaborating with a multi-national company, hiding the truth to actresses, and making them pose for the products for free, and then becoming diplomatic! What a cheap act, I must say. Yamaha is the one who benefited the most. I've lately been getting many threatening calls that say that if I don't shut my mouth, I'll be banned from films and papers. I don't care.

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