Thursday, July 31, 2008

Watch TV, Learn English

There are thousands and thousands of nepali willing to learn english but they aren't yet able to. With english being the most preferable language round the globe and nepalese getting education in mostly nepali medium, it's been a hell of a problem to do anything taking in mind the global market. But there's definitely a way and its easier also.

Researcher in Italy have found out on their survey that its much easier to learn english watching TV than joining any institution or reading "how to speak english" books. This could be a great way for the nepalese too.

Nepalese mostly use TV as a medium of entertainment but if they are willing to try, it can be the medium to teach them English which can help them explore the world. So to those who kill most of their time watching music videos and family fighting serials, we would suggest to make a habit of watching English Television Channels. Even if you don't know a single word of english, it can help. Watch English Television Channels only and try to understand what they are talking about with their expressions. It's been proved that, doing so can make you a good english speaker.

So, people stop watching those saas bahu serials lets watch TV and learn English.

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Anonymous said...

I gurantee 80% of those educated nepalese who went and are going to english medium school cannot speak that language well .And these people are so stupid that they continue watching those stupid brainwashing hindi/dhoti movies /etc though they talk about patriotism and bla bla stuffs...