Monday, July 28, 2008

Protest Against Hindi Oath - Upendra Yadav Plays Dirty Politics

With any cast, any religion or from any place or background, every nepali is equally treated as a nepali first. And there has never been a mistake as done by Vice-president Mr. Jha taking Oath in other language than Nepali.With nationalism in heart and anger against disrespect to the national dress and national language, even people from terai have stood againt the vice-president mistake.
We all know its not about racism or religion, but its against disrespect to nationality. Though this issue is crystal clear, its a matter of shame to hear Mr. Upendra Yadav taking bullshit against the protest, and clearing his thought on making "hindi", another national langauge. That really sucks!
Hindi is not a mothertongue of any nepali. No nepali people in any corner of the country speaks hindi. There are languages like Maithili, Bhojpuri and many other which may sound bit like hindi but they are really different lanaguages. Taking Oath in hindi by Mr. Jha and the supporting speech in hindi again by Mr. Upendra Yadav is a foolish move. There wouldn't have been such protest if Mr. Jha would have taken Oath in Maithili, his mothertongue,but nepali people would salute him for his love and respect to his mothertongue and his culture. Using hindi language is disrespect to both the national languages - Nepali and Maithili. And for Mr. Upendra Yadav: Let the world know about your culture and your mothertongue and make Nepal proud rather than speaking in some other country's language.

On an interview to the various media, VP Mr. Jha said, he used hindi language because about 2Lakhs people understand hindi. Sounds stupid ? There are lot more than just 2Lakhs people who understand ENGLISH. Could that be a good idea to take Oath in English ? And on the othe hand, why wasn't he in a DAURASURWAL ? If such mistakes are left unseen, in the very near future we may see nepali politicians wearing swimming suits on official events.

And lastly, to Mr. Upendra Yadav again: Whether we are from terai, hill or himalaya, we are Nepali first. Your foolish words or your dirty political game won't bring war between us. Above all we are NEPALI.


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