Thursday, July 24, 2008

vice-president मुर्दाबाद

Nepali people speak various languages and have various dresses of their own. These vary with their cast, their cultural background and the place they live in. Yet, whatever their cast, wherever they come from, every Nepali respects nationality, "NEPALISM".

But it's a matter of shame that Nepal's first vice-president Mr. .... spoke his oath in a different language than Nepali. Whatever the language - maithali, hindi or any other; it's a serious disrespect to our national language,"Nepali". He also insulted our national dress,"Daura Surwal", wearing something mostly indians wear in such a prestigious ceremony.

With such sameful act infront of the whole world, we, the Nepali people can't accept him as our vice-president. Hey Mr. Vice-president, if you are soon eager to show yourself as a Madesi, go to your place and be their vice-president, you don't deserve to be the one of Nepal.

A person who disrepects our national language, national dress and our nationality as a whole can no way be the vice-president of our country.We can't and we won't tolerate it.

NOTE: Has any government official or any minister spoken sanskrit, newari, magar, gurung, tharu or any other language in such cases ever ? If no then, how dare he did that ?


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