Saturday, July 19, 2008

मर्ने बेला हरियो काकरो - nepal's 1st president

With Maoists promoting Mr. Ramraja Prasad Singh to be Nepal's first president, Nepalese people get a huge clap on their faces, for the 19 day Jana Andolan. People of Nepal were waiting for political issuses to get smoother in the country and a new beginning of a Newer Nepal, (Naya Nepal), but what happened in few days around have shocked them all.
Again, history repeats in the Nepalese politics. One more time, the 1st person to lead the country will be of the same age group, OLD n helpless. One who can't read texts without specs and need stick to move to any place is now ready to run the country.
People of Nepal surprised the world with their vote for a change, asking new generations to get into politics, but they have been betrayed by the leaders as ever.

Maoists' speeches have been proved all tricks and nothing more, nor any of other parties from the past have been able to do any thing good for the country.
So, Nepalese people are helpless now.

What NOW ?


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