Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Kagbeni - 16mm movie like any other nepali movie

Kagbeni a highly awaited nepali movie made under High Definition technology came like a technically good CRAP at last. With story really beginning after the interval and promotion too westernized for the nepali movie viewers, Bhusan Dahal's Kagbeni couldn't do as expected.

On the other hand, rumours about Kagbeni to be the first High Definition Cinemascope movie is truely UNTRUE. The camera used in shooting Kagbeni is "SI-2K mini". With its 2/3" CMOS Imaging sensor, its gives the image quality equivalent to 16mm film which is what most of other nepali movie makers are going with. We even talked with the producer of the SI-2K mini and they said we're right.

Announcing KAGBENI as first Hight Definition Cinemascope film was no big deal, because of people in the Nepali Film Industry have almost zero knowledge such things, but truth is truth and a lie is a lie no matter who speaks.

For your kind information, Camera SI-2K mini costs about 23,000 EURo, and the 360 degree crane used for excellent camera movement in the movie cost Nepali Rupees 4,80,000/- only.

So, it'll be no surprise if such equipments are brought in the country by other Nepali film makers.

And we'd also like to let nepali film makers know that High Definition Camera equivalent to 35mm movie film can be bought at very cheaper price compare to SI-2K.

Lastly, Long Live Nepali Movie

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