Saturday, November 8, 2008

Internet Killing Kollywood

Internet has been one of the greatest achievement for us. Though it' quiet known for doing just the opposite. Being beneficial one way, it has made some's nightmare true another way. One of those who are seeing their nightmares in real is Nepali Film Industry - Kollywood.

The history of Nepali films hasn't been much long. And again, it seems much shorter because most of those in this industry are unprofessionals. Almost all of them are into this field because of their hobby. From actors to script writers to directors to producers to cinematographers; no one knows about their work in real. With such team of movie makers, what do we expect ? Definitely no way a good movie. This has been the main reason why Nepali (kollywood) movies aren't progressing in terms of quality.

And now there's another on their way. It's the internet. These days kollywood movies are published on the internet, which is reducing its viewers to few thousand. Such activities are mostly being done by Nepalese living abroad for their personal income.

We asked one of those website's webmaster why are they doing such crime; his answer was, "Crime ! Who Care ? Those kollywood movie makers who have hardly any knowledge of their work, may not even know their movies are being published on the internet. In one way, its good for them that we are promoting Nepali movies. On the other hand, even if they are known about this, there's hardly anyone literate to file a case against us. And even if their is one, where will they file their case ? In Nepal ? That won't work ?"

This seems a serious issue not just to the kollywood movie makers but also for Nepali music companies and artists as its happenning with the music field too. If government supports, it is possible to push those criminals to prison.

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Anonymous said...

Personally, I scoff and laugh whenever I see the term "Kollywood". The word is nothing but a bad joke just as similar to the reality of Nepali movies.