Monday, November 10, 2008

Inside Story : Drug Rehab Center

With more and more teenagers going for drugs, Drugs has been a serious threat in Nepal. Though no government is seeing it, there are rehab centers mostly funded by donars abroad. And for their drugless purpose, rehabs are a well-respected organisation. But these days faces seem changing.

Rehabs are here for long time helping cure drug addicts. There were also rumours of different other drugs being used to stop the addicts' habit of some known ones. As rehabs are all full of addicts, leting them do their job their way could have been a mistake. On the other hand, there are cured addicts around us moving with a different life. Yet the face we see of rehabs aren't that simple and innocent. It's different.

Recently, pictures of Nepali rehabs has been posted in many social network sites like mySpace, FaceBook, Hi5 and few other. One of those is the picture above. These picture are clearly showing what happens inside rehabs. So, parents need to aware of that, if their son/daughter is a addict and they are sending them to a rehab for cure.

And, recently hacking into a rehab's computer, I have found out that they are donated 1 crore Nepali Rupees to be spent in 6 months. I guess most others in Nepal get paid the same or even more. So, where are those money going ? For more drugs ?


jeet said...

Hey let me tell you something for the one who posted this Articel.Let me ask you one thing, what do you know about Rehab? And wht Do you know about the donation received by Rehab? To make these things clear you have to be a client living inside Rehab.And we dont promise that we will make your Drugs affected person free from Drugs its up to them , we just teach them the way to make life easier to leave drugs, we make them to be fit in the society so i dont think so that without knowing anythings its good to blame Rehab. And those picture you posted in your page is my friend and that picture is not of inside Rehab . And you want to know where the money goes which we get in Donation. Those money are used for poor peoples treatment who can't afford to be in rehab. It's not easy the way you are posting for that you have to go and watch what the reality is? so better know first what are you going to post?

Anonymous said...

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