Sunday, November 16, 2008

Music Video Directors - VJs - Help !

Few years back, Nepali music video was at its golden period. There's no second thought on it. But instead of development on this field, people are pushing it backward esp. in terms of quality. And the reason is quiet simple. It's the VJs.

When a music video is ready for airplay, VJs are the one to decide which plays when and how many times. And, since music video is what makes a album successful or trash, VJs play vital role in any artists' career. Seeing such open oppertunity and because of their greed, VJs are directing music videos.

VJs are meant to host a television program, and not to direct anything. Frankly speaking, nepali VJs hardly know what music video direction is, but they do direct videos. On the other hand, music artists and bands have no other option than video with them because if they make video with any other serious music video director, the VJs wont' play their song on television channels.

Yet both ways, artists and bands are suffering. VJs can't make good music videos and serious director made ones won't be played in channels. So, what can be done ?

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