Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Naya Nepal Ko Politics, Maoist Style

With slogans of 'Naya Nepal' as the hottest happening, Nepal has now seen a never seen before style of politics in recent years. And those making it happen are the communist party, Maoist.

Still labeled as terrorist in USA, maoist party have been playing games since they came out from the jungle stopping their violence. And it hasn't stopped yet. So, what actually their style ?

There's a well-known proverb of "Two Tongues". But it has never been used on politicians, as though they never used fullfill their promises, they used to promise same to everyone. But maoist politicians in a hurry to do something different are doing extra ordinary, are speaking different things at different places and situations. Their speeches differs on every place they go. They speak about new homes and free education infront of poors, they speak about throwing poor foothpath business people infront of retailers. They speak about border protection infront of the people living at Nepal-India borders, but while visiting India they thank India for bullshits. They speak about illegal entrance of Nepalese in Casinos, behind that they ask for crores for not doing it for the casino owners. They speak for peace and security, but they are still killing people.

Actually, there are thousands of proofs about maoist being two tonguers. May be that's their style.