Thursday, November 20, 2008

Nepal Isn't Just Kathmandu - Governent Still Bias

This is a issue brought long back by the nepali people living out of the capital city. Whoever comes in the government has been biased about it and those calling themselves as politicians of the poor, Maoist are doing the same again.

Recently, the government announced to clean up of the footpath businesses as footpaths are made for people to walk. But even in such issue, the government has proven itself bias. Footpaths of Kathmandu looks fresh now, with no thelaz and other footpath business disturbing the traffic. It's quiet good to see it. But people here in the capital city don't know that, elsewhere it hasn't change a bit. It's still the same. Government isn't giving its full effort to clean up the country's foothpath. It's just revolving around Chitwan. Why do government forget that whole country votes on any election ?

Government need to think it quick, or this new ones won't be different from those old parties. On the other hand, maoist party running the government shouldn't also forget most of those who voted on their favour on the last election were poors which also includes foothpath business people.

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