Sunday, November 9, 2008

In Aid of Street Childern Concerts

Whenever a season of celebration arrives, concerts are the hottest happenning. May it be dashain, tihar, shivaraatri and even other's newyear; concerts are always there to entertain. And most of them have same slogan, "In Aid of Street Children. So, are they really for the street children's aid ?

Definitely Not. If such events would aid street children, there surely would be no street children left on the roads round the country. Whenever such sloganed concerts happen, people come enjoy and go without even thinking if the organisers will even pay a paisa in aid for the street children. Actually it's a government business to monitor about that matter, but shouldn't we be aware about that too ?

Next time before you go back home from a concert, will you try asking those organisers which organisation are they donating ? And on the other hand, we request Chief District Officers to be clear about such matters before they give permissions to such organisers.

Please help street children for real than digesting everything on their name.

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Bikran said...

This really is a very sensitive topic.If each of us show interest in these things,it would to a great extent help these helpless children.Manabiya kaam ma kina pachi parnu .