Monday, November 3, 2008

Kathmandu Marathon - Race Without Rules

We are always awaiting for a prasing issue, but things are always different. May be there aren't Mr. Perfects in Nepal and not even wannabes. Yesterday, Kathmandu Marathon went alike, proving itself as a race without rules.

While registering the participants for the marathon and even before the event began, the organiors clearly mentioned that, rules as per IAAF will be followed. So, as per that rule, participants weren't allowed to have anything except water. But the scene was different in the race. Even the winner - Rajendra Bhandari was seen breaking the rules and he was still announced as a winner. A reminder, Rajendra Bhandari is the same guy whose two gold medals were taken back by the 8th SAF Games official after finding him using drugs in the event.

One of the participants of the marathon, Arjun Dhakal publicly protested against what happened in the Marathon along with few other participants. But organisors were speechless. We hope such things won't happen in the future. Yet, we are confident that such shameful things will repeat in future

After all its in Nepal.


आकार said...

Even the winner - Rajendra Bhandari was seen breaking the rules........

What happen ???
Could explain, how rules were broken ?

hajurba said...

already written above: only water is allowed for runners as per IAAF. but the scene was different. even the winner was having many other stuffs than water.

आकार said...

what other stuffs ???

hajurba said...

simply clearifying,

JUICE they were using is against IAAF rules. IAAF strictly clears using only and only WATER. nothing else. Because juice can be an energy drink, which clearly explains using it is not fair.

thank you for your serious interest.