Sunday, November 23, 2008

Nepali Models Nude Pictures - Why Fake ?

We have been hearing about NAYA NEPAL few months before the recent election. Though there hasn't been such changes in the country to call itself a newer one, there has definitely been drastic development in some sectors. Among them is Modelling sector. Nepali women who used live most of their life inside her house are now free as bird, and now are flying higher than men can even think of.

Recent years has been a blast for models and those who love watching them their way. Good or bad, models are now treating themselves like in hollywood. We barely see them wearing full clothes, wearing a national dress, GUNYO CHOLO is a daydream. With semi-nude pictures of most of the models, those in a sari are hardly believed as models.

Yet, questions becomes headlines when fake nude pictures and videos are spread out. But why ? Are originals any different than fake ones ? Models are now posing almost nude for glamour websites. Topless pictures has been a trend. Even those who can't dare are crossing the limits as a Nepali. There are pictures of models with no Bras, and some throwing the TOPs. Aren't those pictures as nude as fake pictures and MMS ?

Why Fake then ?

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