Tuesday, November 18, 2008

British Council Affiliates & Monopoly

Because of Nepal's political condition and as a trend, Nepali students are going abroad and the numbers are increasingly rapidly. Taking such condition into consideration, British Council affiliates who conduct British Council's are running a monopoly market.

British Council is one of the biggest name, which results its affiliates to stand ahead compared to others in various terms. One such in IELTS preparation. British Council affiliates or Exam centers in many places of Nepal are acting like a branch of British Council and on the other hand, conducting IELTS classes. This has made the students think that, it's the British Council who's organising the preparation classes, though it isn't true.

Yet again, these days, those exam centers have updated some of their policies. One of those is, those who join their preparation class must also do their abroad study processing from their institution only. Isn't it an unfair monopoly being done by such reputed firm (British Council Affiliated Institution) ?

Isn't British Council responsible for it ? If this matter is taken into consideration, British Council shouldn't allow their affiliates to run any IELTS preparation classes or any abroad study counciling center.
We hope British Council will understand the gravity of the matter and bring a change very soon.

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