Tuesday, September 2, 2008

TEEJ - Not Their Cup of Tea

Teej is celebrated in Nepal for a better husband or as praying to god for good to ones husband by women and girls round the country. But at this 21st century, women are calling it a festival for those unemployed. Most of women have works even its a holiday for Teej. They say, "office women are mostly busy with their work even in off day. There are lot to be done for ourselves and for the country. How can people dream of Naya Nepal, if they still enjoy wasting their time in various festivals. As we all know, in a year, about 300 days are festivals. So, when will we be working for our Naya Nepal?"
On the road we asked a teen girl about why is she not doing FASTING on teej? She just made a fun out of it saying, "Fasting on Teej festival is praying to get Lord Maha Dev as a husband, and at present we hardly could find a guy with that name".

On a serious note, the new generation do respect the festival TEEJ but wasting their time for a day or more isn't their cup of tea.

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